Canadian PM Trudeau’s kiss demonstrates his ignorance of Islam — Is it a kiss of death?

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau has been in office less than a year and has admitted 25,000 (or more by now) Syrian Muslims to live in Canadian towns and cities.  They are in addition to his huge Somali Muslim population and he thinks a stunt like this will be well received?

Is this meant to say to Muslims ‘get used to it!’
If so, he is braver or dumber than I thought.

I suspect he really means to send a message to homophobes on the right (and isn’t thinking about how the Muslim WORLD will view it).  Maybe he thinks he has so many brownie points for bringing in Muslim refugees that he is immune from their wrath (hint: they don’t think in Leftist do-gooder terms).

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EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of Canadian PM Trudeau and Canadian New Democratic Party leader Thomas Mulcair sharing a kiss as a statement on the Orlando, FL massacre.

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  1. John wick
    John wick says:

    The man who wrote this is extremely ignorant and quite uneducated (retarded) . That photo is photoshoppe, and I am an agnostic man who has worked in muslim countrys including syria and somalia and I can tell you that muslims are not hating every gay or hating people who are “leftists” muslims are not isis. And isis is not muslims. Do some back ground research. Funny how you call yourself a “dr” mrs rich swier. In all my years of studying (phd in economics and an MBA) i have not met a single person as ignorant as you.


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