Why I am endorsing Teresa Mast for the Sarasota County School Board

Children under 17-years old are 23% of America’s population but are 100% of its future. It is critical to elect the right person to be on local school boards for the good of the children and the future of the nation.

I met with one such person. Her name is Teresa Mast. 

Teresa is running for the School Board of Sarasota County Florida. I seldom endorse candidates but Teresa is an exception because she is exceptional. Here are my reasons for endorsing Teresa:

  1. She is not a career politician. Teresa is a small business owner who cares about her family and community. She understands that for children to be successful, like her own two daughters, they must be taught how to think, not what to think.
  2. Teresa and her daughters have personally experienced both public and private schools. Teresa understands the pluses and minuses of each. She understands education as both a consumer and mother.
  3. Teresa unequivocally believes in local control. She rails against any and all federal interference or mandates put upon the children, teachers, administrators and local schools. She does not accept the idea that the federal government can dictate local policy by using the threat of withdrawing funds from schools. This is a matter of power over public education and the power belongs at the local level not in Washington, D.C.
  4. Teresa will operate in the sunshine. Parents, teachers and administrators must know what the school board is doing in what are now secret meetings held behind closed doors. Transparency is Teresa’s middle name.
  5. Teresa is a listener. She understands that for too long the communication in the district has been top down. She wants that changed so that students, parents, teachers and school based administrators are not only welcomed to speak at school board meetings, but are encouraged to do so. Teresa believes that voices from the schools must not be filtered by district staff, but rather heard without fear or retribution.
  6. Teresa will be an independent voice and vote. She is not afraid to disagree on issues that impact the children, be it transparency in spending, to text book adoption, to pro-school house policies and less district control and more power to the students, parents, teachers and school principals.
  7. Teresa is not a go-along to get-along person. She thinks and acts independently on behalf of the children and parents.
  8. Teresa is a people person. The people always come first.
  9. Teresa is a woman of character. After 23-years in the U.S. Army one becomes a judge of character. I know Teresa is an honorable woman who will do the right thing.

Teresa is refreshing in that she is the exact opposite of the person she is running against. 

In Sarasota County the school board is considered a nonpartisan race. It is anything but that.

Teresa is the only candidate with Republican values running in District 2. She is the only Republican running in District 2.

To learn more about Teresa Mast please click here.

EDITORS NOTE: Teresa Mast’s District 2 opponent is a career politician who has a long record of failing to put the children of Sarasota County first, believes in kowtowing to the federal Department of Education, has violated school board policy and Florida state statutes, is a collectivist with her only concern getting re-elected to continue business as usual. Teresa’s opponent is a “Charlie Crist republican”, who has been endorsed by the Democratic Party and holds the same values as President Obama and Hillary Clinton when it comes to public education. To learn more about Teresa’s opponent see the Related Articles below.


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