Will America Face Reality?

Aristotle’s law of identity plainly states that A is A, a thing is what it is.  In 1979 the Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei of Iran declared Islamic war against the West, primarily the United States and Israel. Since then Muslims of all stripes have been acting out on that declaration of war.  Unfortunately, America and the West have not consistently met the challenge and have emboldened the Muslim Islamic Jihadists through years of inadequate challenges to the Islamic onslaught.

The Muslims have correctly recognized the irrational progressive American mission of politically correct appeasement at all costs and are taking full advantage of it.  It used to be that if one nation or group of nations declared war upon another and followed through on that threat, there would be a strong response from the threatened nation with an effort to defeat that enemy.  Of course, there were exceptions to that rule.  One was Great Britain during the earlier part of the second world war.  The British Empire paid the price for taking it’s sweet time to engage the threat of Adolph Hitler and his legions of German Nazis and rocket blitzes.  Germany was focused on dominating the world and eliminating the Jewish population, while Britain’s Neville Chamberlain was endangering England through appeasement with Hitler.

Similarly, today we regularly witness the atrocities being waged against civilization by barbaric Muslim brutes, just as the Islamists have been doing for 1,400 years.  In the Quran’ Muslims are instructed to either convert or kill non-Muslims.  They are also persuaded to invade other nations and if possible use their legal systems and freedoms against them.  Also, as soon as Muslim population reaches up to five percent then more violent measures are carried out with increasing frequency.

It is both sad and immoral when elected government officials who either swear or affirm to uphold the United States Constitution and are expected to govern on behalf of U.S. interests but do not.  President Berry Obama is the premier example of refusing to do what is best for our nation’s best interests.

For you Berry Obama fans who refuse to see the facts, right after a cowardly Muslim terrorist wreaked havoc in a gun free zone by gunning down scores of people at a Florida nightclub, Berry exposed where his real interests reside.  Instead of exhibiting strength and resolve after a cowardly Muslim terrorist wreaked havoc in a gun free zone by gunning down scores of unarmed victims, he chose to apologize to Isis Muslim terrorists who should be hunted down and destroyed.  It was Donald Trump’s accurate remarks concerning Isis terrorists that drew the pansy like ire of Berry, not the murder of 50 partiers in an American night club.  What an insult to the American victims of dedicated Muslim terrorists who are trying to bomb the world into a dark age of Muslim domination.

One has to wonder how in the world can a president and other officials of this nation be more upset over Donald Trump’s invigorated response to a Muslim massacre than the actual murdering Muslim rampage?  Among a number of things Trump said “The thing with the terrorists is you have to take out their families when you get these terrorists, you have to bomb the hell out of them.”  Kentucky Senator Rand Paul responded to Trump by stating “Realize that there’s something called the Geneva Convention.”  I hate to be the one to break the news little senator Paul, but the Muslim terrorists never, ever, ever conduct terrorist tactics according to Geneva Convention rules.

If the Muslim terrorist madness is going to be stopped, they must be destroyed unless they have a real come to Jesus moment.  For them it is simply do or die.  Thus it is high time for civilized nations accommodate them by militarily escorting them to their eternal reward.  Right on the heels of Islamic terrorism in Orlando, Florida, once again Paris, France was hit with another dose of Muslim Jihadist terrorists who simply went to Paris to kill, steal and destroy.

On Monday June 14th Berry Obama gave a very telling speech.  It conveyed to all objective listeners his true feelings about the nation that twice elected him to the presidency.   Obama stared into the camera and declared “it was America’s fault for the tragic loss of life.”  He was blatantly defiant in his decision to “not now and not ever,” place blame on radical Islam participants for the tragedy in Orlando.  It was yet another premier example of Berry Obama’s anti-American leanings.

Let us never forget that president Obama said in the past that if it came down to a war with Muslims he would side with them.  America is a nation at war whether you wish to recognize it or not.  We must take the Muslim challenge to our existence as one nation under God, indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all.  If not, history will not be kind.

May we seek providential guidance and wisdom before it is too late.  Deep in my heart, I believe that our republic will arise from her current doldrums and once again be that shining city on a hill nation.

This final note, I would like to honor the greatest person I ever knew, my Dad.

Before departing this life when I was twelve years old Dad taught me of the importance of doing the right thing and the dos and don’ts of life.  Dad was also fun person to be around and for the most part very patient and encouraging as well.  Dad also made sure that I was well acquainted with God and never ceased in his desire and effort to lovingly care for and guide his family.  His love for America and knowledge of her great history was second to none and inspired me to appreciate not only our great republic, but more importantly God and family as well. Thank you Dad and thank you heavenly Father for such a great Dad.


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  1. Robert B
    Robert B says:

    B.O. Is the worst President in history. That shadow of a man is out to destroy our country, and the sheeple elected that bozo TWICE! This is the most perplexing event ever to occur in the last 60 years.


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