On Your TV: Jokes about raping 9-year-old girls, school principal sleeping with boys

American Family Association is partnering with Parents Television Council and many other pro-family organizations in signing a coalition letter to the Federal Communications Commission, calling for reform of the television ratings system. A coalition of academics and researchers have also joined us in calling for an evaluation of the TV ratings system.

As you know, there is strength in numbers. Your signature will help us reform a failed TV content ratings system.

When the TV ratings system was first set up, TV networks were given the freedom to rate their own shows. We were led to believe that children would be protected. They weren’t.

Instead, the system misleads parents and protects the networks’ financial interests. This failed system is inaccurate and outright deceptive.

In the meantime, we will continue to push for an open, public review of the TV ratings system. AFA needs you to join us in calling for reform of a system that rates as child-appropriate TV content such as:

  • Jokes about raping 9-year-old girls
  • Jokes about a school principal sleeping with schoolboys
  • Nude little boys whose genitals are pixilated
  • A woman committing suicide by shoving an icepick into her own eye socket
  • A woman’s throat being slit so graphically that you see the knife pulled across her neck, with blood pouring so that she drowns in her own blood
  • A male cheerleader lifting a female cheerleader into the air, then looking up her skirt and getting hit in the face with menstrual blood
  • A reality dating show where, in each and every episode, all participants are nude with genital areas blurred

AFA would like you to join us in calling for a thorough, open review of a fundamentally flawed and self-serving system that protects the interests of the entertainment industry at the expense of families.

Your signature will help us reform a failed TV content ratings system.


It’s time to fight back. Please sign the petition to the FCC, demanding a change in the failed TV content ratings system.

Sign the Petition to the FCC NOW!

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