Would You Want To Know if the Islamic State Wanted to Kill You?

We asked our readers if the FBI should tell people who are on an Islamic State kill list that they had been marked for execution.

The FBI neglected to tell Americans whose names were released on an Islamic State kill list that they had been targeted.

Clarion Project asked our subscribers whether they thought the FBI has a duty to inform people if they are on a terrorist kill list.

The results: Out of  2,391 people who responded, 93 percent said “YES” and less than two percent said “NO.”

Here are some the comments that accompanied the vote:

People wanted to make sure they could take steps to protect themselves:

“I believe everyone put on a hit list should be notified of that fact. That way they can take precautions to hopefully save their lives.”

“So I could take measures to protect myself.”

Many were skeptical about the efficacy of government protection:

“I don’t believe the government would take the list seriously, I personally would want to protect myself as well as have the FBI help, if they actually would”

“I want to be able to protect myself and my family. The FBI can only protect so many people at once. I want to be prepared if I need to be.”

Some mentioned the second amendment

“The FBI does not have enough people to protect all those on the list. It is my right by the 2nd Amendment to be able to protect myself. If I know I am on the list I can alter my life to help protect myself and not make myself such an easy target.”

Others wanted a warning to get ready:

“Forewarned is forearmed.”

“If someone is coming to try and kill me I would like some warning.”

And spoke about a “right to know”:

Yes, because of freedom”

“If I go to the doctor and he see’s something wrong, I have a right to know what it is so I can seek treatment, as with ISIS kill list. If my name is on that list I have a right to know so that I can prepare to protect myself and my family against any attack by them, it’s that simple.”

“I find it outrageous the government is not informing citizens that are on ISIS kill list.”


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