Minnesota victim speaks about roving Somali Muslim rape gangs in upscale neighborhood

“I don’t think people realize how bad it is in Minnesota and what type of backdrop we have here.” (victim)

The upscale neighborhood at Lake Calhoun is only 5 miles from the Cedar Riverside Somali enclave  in downtown Minneapolis.

Lake calhoun map

Map of Lake Calhoun area.

We first mentioned this incredible scary story a couple of days ago pointing out that the mainstream media never reports news like this nationally, but here we learn from World Net Daily reporter, Leo Hohmann, who spoke with the primary target of the confrontation as at least 20 Somali men (self proclaimed jihadists) swarmed a neighborhood outside of Minneapolis, what happened on THREE separate occasions in the escalating “jihad” on a lakeside community.

Many outrageous and frightening things were shouted by Somali men, some of whom were dressed in traditional Islamic robes.

They said they practiced shariah law and could thus kidnap and rape the attractive target of their abusive language.

They were yelling the word “jihad” from their car windows as they careened across lawns and sidewalks.

They blasted the soundtrack of a woman being sexually assaulted from a car.

They carried duffel bags, held them as if they were guns and shot off bottle rockets to make the sounds of gun shots.

And, that is just a bit of what happened as this neighborhood was terrorized last week.

You must read the whole incredible story from the mouth of the primary victim and from other witnesses who confirmed the story to World New Daily.

Where is the Minneapolis Star Tribune? Where is the New York Times? Where is CNN? Where is Fox News? The whole country should be informed of what happens when a Muslim Somali population grows large enough to boldly attack the peace and quiet of a suburban neighborhood with shouts of “jihad.”

Somalis did not ‘find their way’ to Minnesota from East Africa!

If you are a new reader here today, know that the reason the Somali population is so high in Minnesota is because the UN/US State Department began resettling tens of thousands there over more than 25 years with the help initially of Catholic Charities, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service and World Relief (Evangelicals).  There are now other federal contractors working day and night (along with the original three) to change Minnesota one town at a time!

If you live in towns newly contemplating ‘welcoming’ refugees from the Muslim world, take note!  Asheville, NC, Charleston, WV, Missoula, MT, Rutland, VT, Reno, NV, Fayetteville, AR etc… are you paying attention!

The feds and their contractors may tell you they will only bring your town a certain ethnic group, do not believe them, you will get a mix of refugees from all over the world, including Somalis!  About 750 additional Somalis arrive in the U.S. each month from all over the world!


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  1. RafaelNews
    RafaelNews says:

    Birmingham Mail Article: “There is widespread anger and distress throughout a corner of East Birmingham, West Midlands Police are probing an investigation of an alleged rape, it has been reported 2 Somali men were seen attacking a wild Fox on video footage before sexually assaulting the Fox, in the Alum Rock area of Birmingham, West Midlands Police have not said whereabout in Alum Rock this horrid attack took place but say if you know anything then please contact WMP. October 2016.”

    This is disgusting somalian refugees rapefugees are now attacking and raping foxes aand wild animals in Birmingham UK yes OK Alum Rock In Birmingham is a heavily Muslim area but ni w Somali migrants are clashing with Pakistanis to fight for drug control of the streets of Alum Rock and now somali immigrants are sexually abusing animalsnto prove their strength on the streets of Alum Rock Birmingham. 2016

  2. RafaelNews
    RafaelNews says:

    JihadWatch 2016: 3 Muslim men are in a serious I’ll condition in Birmingham’s Heartland Hospital after they a serious violent beating, the 3 Muslim men wondered in the Hodge Hill area of Birmingham shouting “Allah Hu Akbar” and saying “We will bomb you Kaffirs” to passers by, but they were then confronted by a gang of 10 white school/college kids who were then seen arguing with them before the 10 youths beat the muslim men with bats and knuckle dusters, locals said they saw the Muslim men harassing passers by and said they must’ve said something and got confronted by local white youths in Hodge Hill in Birmingham, the men said they couldn’t identify the youths as they were wearing hoods and hats covering their faces.

    White youths beat the crap/shit out of Muslims in white Hodge Hill area of Birmingham 2016.


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