Marco Rubio is a Charlie Crist republican

As you skulk around Florida and Washington D.C. like a church mouse looking for the dropped cheese from your New World Order globalist donors you need to explain to the people a few things.

Oh and don’t expect to speak to any of the TEA Party groups across Florida. You do understand the Florida National Tea Party have pretty much flushed you into the RINO septic tank running off into the alligator filled Florida Everglades. Good luck swimming out of that.

But before your embark upon the sequel of the “Return of Marco” to the Senate the people who do not do their homework and learn about your RINO copulation in the Serengeti really need to think very carefully about voting for you.

(1) Why did you support the United Nations – Obama endorsed New World Order Trade agreement written in secret called TPP with Asia ? Do you think its okay to conduct business with Communist nations that oppress Christians and embrace Sharia Law countries like Brunei that are TPP partners ? You sir are a New World Order Globalist. A Jeb Bush – Charlie Crist socialist.

(2) Why did you describe yourself as the son of “exiles from Castro’s Cuba.” ? This is total baloney. Your family actually left Cuba for Florida in 1956, while Fidel Castro was still plotting his revolution from Mexico. Its a Hillary Clinton tall tale. You lied for political gain.

(3) You have shown a track record of not enforcing federal law (when you even bother to show up for work) and you do not support the Wall across our southern flank even though Mexico has the same sort of wall defending its borders from Guatemala. Why? Is this because of a conflict of interest ? U.S. authorities ordered your maternal grandfather, Pedro Victor Garcia deported in 1962, but he stayed in the U.S. illegally defying U.S. immigration laws. I can see why you won’t support a Wall to protect our US sovereignty. Your allegiance is south of the border not with the safety and security of the American people.

(4) Why did you support a pathway to U.S. citizenship for illegal immigrants in the United States while a member of the “Gang of 8”? The gang of eight bill would have provided a path to citizenship for some of the estimated 30 million illegal immigrants currently living in the U.S. What part of federal U.S. immigration law don’t you understand ? You think its ok to undermine the labor and wage gaps between Americans trying to find work now competing with illegal immigrants who don’t even have to buy health insurance or pay taxes and send their residual income home to their nation of origin in MoneyGram’s.

(5) Marco Rubio you are a big fake. A left wing pro illegal immigrant globalist. I want you to release to the public all the money you are getting from the corporations and lobbyists working in support of open borders in your globalist network. Let us see who is funding your campaign. I bet George Soros is a donor someplace. The republicans that will vote for you in the primary are gutless spineless cowards not willing to give a new face a chance to turn this sinking ship around. Oh, some of the so called GOP hacks will call me names and that’s okay. I spent 30 years in the Navy keeping this Golems free to bad mouth me. These folks need to change their party affiliations to the Communist Democrat Charlie Crist party group.

Now I am not a Republican or a Marxist Democrat but you can believe me the only person I will trust sitting in our Senate seat in Washington protecting Florida and our national security and borders is Mr. Carlos Beruff.

Oh, the Republicans will cry a river of tears that perhaps Carlos cannot beat the Democrat in November. This is the same dog and pony story they told me when I went after Charlie Crist and I buried him under his cats sandbox.

Charlie Crist eventually under political heat became a Democrat. Rubio should switch parties too.

Sure I ate breakfast in the White House with the former Bush staff and Condi Rice and I have body guarded Governor Palin and others. Sure I have shaken the hand of Dick Morris, Gretchen Carlson and Steve Doocy in the Green Room at Fox News in New York City, but so what…. it all boils down to one thing.

It does not matter who you know or what political power you pull ……….YOU the GOP leader and you the voter must put the U.S. Constitution first not the political party you are affiliated with.

Paul Ryan is feeling the heat from my team in Wisconsin as we bury him under his own New world Order globalist storm water run off. Paul Ryan is done. I stuck a fork in his ass and cooked him. He will be out of a job soon. Trust me.

The same sheet of music Marco Rubio uses for his left wing New World Order Globalist play book was produced and directed by the Paul Ryan team and helpe i am sure by Paul Ryan’s liberal left wing Obama supporting wife who is a life long member of the Democrat Party and a Hillary Clinton supporter.

Its time to step aside Rubio for Mr. Carlos Beruff.

We need a capitalist business man that knows how to build and produce and achieve and get his hands dirty and make the tough calls that put America first not your Rubio New World Order globalist mentality that puts Americans last.

Rubio all you do is roll over like a Jack Russell Terrier to your Obama – Ryan – McConnell masters for your daily belly rub. You have achieved nothing since you were elected and the Tea Party of Florida and many others wants you gone…………… as do I.

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  1. RBlack
    RBlack says:

    Well said. As a Florida resident, I won’t be voting for him either. He needs to get out & do a real job for once.

  2. George Fuller
    George Fuller says:

    Rubio ran in 2010 opposing amnesty only to betray the voters in 2013 by joining the Gang of Eight to pass Amnesty…………the last thing Floridians should do is give that dirtbag another 6 years in the senate.


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