Many Black Activists Are Full of Bunk

Black activists for years have been complaining about police brutality throughout the United States of America.  Yes, there have been cases of trigger happy police officers who have gunned down innocent victims.  But I want to point out that on a regular basis, black brutes usually raised in homes without a proper moral compass are themselves on a regular basis more brutal than the police could dream of being.  On average, a black male (usually young) is murdered every 14 hours in the city of Chicago.  On weekends the pace quickens with nearly twenty young men neutralized by another black person within a 48 hour period.

Dozens and dozens of little children are murdered by black people regularly as well in Detroit, Baltimore, and other black and democrat party dominated cities throughout America.  If there was an honest effort to simply deal with the scourge of murder, the alarming numbers of black on black murders would have been of great concern long ago.  It almost seems as if the black liars matter folks are minions hired by the likes of George Soros to cause mayhem in the streets of America so that President Obama can declare Marshall Law and suspend the upcoming elections. But we all know that our fine upstanding commander in chief would not engage in such shenanigans, right?

For years so-called black community leaders like Jesse (hey where’s the camera?) Jackson and Al (wind bag of bones) Sharpton have lied to and swindled the black community.  They and others like them have consistently persuaded blacks to be angry at or hate America.  While at the same time not promoting ideas like common decency amongst black people.  By the way, when was the last time Mr. Jackson, or Mr. Sharpton spoke out about the need to encourage more fatherhood in the black community?  It is commonly known that children that grow up without a good father in the home are four times more likely to engage in criminal activity.

Quite often Black Lives Matters activists and others of that ilk holler about how the black community is short changed in America.  They are also hateful toward Black Americans who believe that blacks can be successful in the United States and that many problems plaguing the black community can be overcome through, better education, increased emphasis on better morals, an opportunity based economy, etc. Being undereducated and angry all the time is a recipe for a disaster filled life.

I long ago concluded that the reason why positive stories like the life of Frederick Douglas are no longer taught to American students, is because those that oversee the progressive government school system in America would not be able to convince young black Americans that they cannot make it in America.  Or that white privilege prevents them from succeeding in this life.

Imagine them learning that during the height of slavery in the United States, Frederick Douglas decided he would not live out his days as a beaten down slave.  He creatively learned how to read, when it was illegal for a black individual to learn how to read.  After learning how to read and through astute planning, Mr. Douglas set out to gain his freedom.  But just being free to walk around unfettered was just the beginning for him.  Douglas chose to overcome whatever odds were thrown against him and built a very successful life as an abolitionist, businessman, and arguably the best orator of the nineteenth century.  Frederick Douglas sought the truth about America’s constitution and did not allow the negative interpretations of his former tormenting democrat party masters be the final word what the constitution meant for him.

In fact, after researching the constitution and Bill of Rights for himself, Douglas quickly gained a great appreciation for the United States and for the remainder of his years on earth sought to encourage America to live up to her wonderful ideals.  One of the things that Douglas stressed was for the white man not to coddle the black man.  After Lincoln freed the slaves, Frederick Douglas called for the white man to allow the black man to live and work by his own wits like everyone else.  He knew that if given the chance to engage in real opportunities, such as owning businesses as he had done, American blacks could have built for themselves a legacy of success.

Unfortunately, today many activists want to change America into a progressive socialist amoral cesspool.  They don’t share the vision of Frederick Douglas who desired to see Americans of all colors work and succeed to the best of their God given abilities.  Nor do the activists of today even appreciate what’s good about America like Douglas did.  Today, the Black community must free itself from the shackles of socialism, immorality, hatred of country and general activist bitterness in order to rise above the bunk of today’s activists, community organizers and thuggish gripers. Blocking freeways, rapping about killing police officers, and the call for more government handouts only confirms what people worldwide think about black Americans, as being not very bright and full of bunk like the evil activist leaders who influence them.


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