Phyllis Schlafly Briefing — Cleveland 2016

This week has been a whirlwind of activity and we have witnessed many smashing conservative victories!

After two days of amendments and debate starting Monday, the 112 members of the 2016 Platform Committee produced a fantastic document — the most conservative we have probably seen. The right to life and traditional marriage planks were both strengthened. Military superiority and national sovereignty were upheld. New language was inserted to build a proper wall along our southern border. And the newest threats to recognize same-sex marriage and call for a new Constitutional Convention were both resoundingly defeated.

The Rules Committee then met on Thursday of this week. After a smooth one-day process, we saw no significant changes or additions to the Party Rules.

On Thursday night, Phyllis kicked off the evening program at the Council for National Policy with a book-signing for her latest work, How the Republican Party Became Pro-Life. Hundreds of conservatives, activists, and delegates were able to meet and talk with her while taking photos and getting their own copies of this historic memoir.

Phyllis was also able to sit with Tommy Valentine — National Delegate and Platform Committee member from Virginia. Tommy was quite vocal for much of his two-days on the platform committee and spent his time pursuing fundamental conservative ideas. Phyllis had this to say of their meeting:

“I am thrilled to see courageous young conservatives charging ahead at the Republican Convention. Tommy Valentine served on the Platform Committee this week and articulated bold, conservative principles even in the face of the loud and determined liberal opposition. Congratulations on your amendments and hard work. We need a thousand more like you!”

Lastly, I am sure that you have heard by now, but Phyllis Schlafly’s Life of the Party is RIGHT around the corner!  There is still time to register and join us next Tuesday, July 19 at 11:00 a.m. at the First Energy Stadium! We welcome all delegates, guests, and friends of life to join us as we celebrate pro-life leaders and hear from Phyllis Schlafly and Coach Lou Holtz!  Registration is still open.

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