Challenge to Hillary Clinton: ‘Walk in the shoes of a police officer!’

TULSA, Okla. /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Fit First Responders Foundation Founder, Coach Jonathan “JC” Conneely, is inviting Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton to come to Tulsa, Oklahoma and “walk in the shoes of a police officer.”

Hillary Clinton recently made this statement,

“White Americans need to do a better job listening when African Americans talk … about the seen and unseen barriers you face every day,” she said. “We need to try as best we can to walk in one another’s shoes, to imagine what it would feel like if people followed us around stores or locked their car doors when we walked past.”

Coach JC challenges Clinton to do just that – come experience one on one force training and then visit the Fit First Responders training facility so she may experience first hand what police officers across the country experience every day. Coach JC invites Clinton to experience what Reverend Moffett experienced in Phoenix.

“I want to personally invite you, Hillary Clinton, to come walk in the shoes of our police officers to experience what they endure mentally and physically to be prepared on the job. If you are not willing to practice what you are preaching, I am respectfully asking you to not use our police officers for your political gain without actually walking in their shoes, as you have suggested in previous speeches,” says Fit First Responders Founder Coach JC.

Fit First Responders Founder, Jonathan Conneely (PRNewsFoto/Fit First Responders)

Fit First Responders Founder, Jonathan Conneely (PRNewsFoto/Fit First Responders)


Fit First Responders, a nonprofit foundation that empowers police officers, firefighters, EMSA medics, and National Guard to win in their fitness, nutrition, and in life by offering physical and mental conditioning, nutrition workshops, and life coaching. The foundation currently serves over 500 first responders in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area and will be in cities across America in late 2016.

Fit First Responders Foundation was created to improve the mental and physical health of Tulsa police officers helping them be their best. As a result, officers lost weight, got off medications, restored their marriages, prevented suicides, lowered workers comp and insurance costs for the city. Learn more here.

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