It Is Time to Defend U.S. Sovereignty

If the Muslim dogma is to ever be considered anything but a breeding ground for seventh century level barbarian brutes, they can start by taking care of their own.  The United States of America is the most generous nation in human history.  But our Christian inspired generosity does not dictate that we must put up with horrendous hordes of illegal immigrants and Muslim terrorist who wants to come into America and blow us to smithereens, or burn us into charcoal.

In 1979, the Islamic leaders of Iran declared war on the west. Primarily America and Israel.  They have not to this point utilized a traditional standing army to engage the west in mortal combat.  Their skill levels are still not developed enough to take on a well-trained military like the United States (pre Obama.) However, they have become more effective in using cowardly terrorists methods that reflect their warped style of existing.  The Islamists have murdered hundreds of both American and European citizens.

So it does not make logical nor strategic sense for the federal government to abandon it’s enumerated duty to defend the United States from enemies, both foreign and domestic. Not bring in legions of Muslim refugees who do not agree with our constitutionally limited way of life.  No nation can prosper by placing the desires of non-sovereign citizens or enemies above the interests and safety of it’s people.  When it comes to dealing with Muslims who are at war with any nation that shows a modicum of civilized tendencies, the Islamists take that as a weakness and will never give up their goal of ultimately conquering them.

That is why I agree whole heartedly with retired Lt. Col. Allen West, who has advocated that American political leaders should create a safe zone in Syria and convince Middle East nations to take in and care for their own Syrian refugees.  The only problem is that Muslims do not have a natural or religious influenced tendency to help others in chronic need, even their own foolish America and Israeli hating fellow terrorists.  Even so, Col. West believes we should challenge Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and others to take in refugees.  America was not obligated to take in thousands of Nazis or Japanese during World War Two.  So again, during this time of war (according to the Islamists) America is not obligated to take in thousands and thousands of those whose religion dictates that they force us to submit to Allah, or die.

Unfortunately, it won’t be until January 20th, 2017, if Donald Trump wins the presidency that we will have a president that will govern on behalf of U.S. interests.  Until then, the White House Occupier, Berry Obama will continue to try and flood our republic with as many hate filled Muslim refugees as he can.  So far, Mr. Obama has funneled into America over seven thousand Islamic refugees and has only allowed in 32 Christian refugees.  Let us not overlook the fact that Muslims are murdering, burning, beheading, raping and enslaving hundreds of Christians every single week throughout the Middle East.  Yet the American dragon-establishment media and the Obama administration looks the other way and just doesn’t seem to give a damn.

It is awful how those who simply want our border protected are labeled as bigots by Americans who are either brainwashed or in agreement with the harm President Obama and his fellow progressives are perpetrating against our civilization.  Our enemies must be falling over in a constant state of amazement and laughter as they witness dummied down Americans turn against their fellow countrymen and women who only desire to protect our republic from being decimated.

The root of such tomfoolery can be traced directly to the government school system which has been allowed to systematically dumb down generation after generation.  So now, the average American student knows less about the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Federalist Papers than the mantra of special rights for illegal immigrants and diseased non-vetted Syrian, Muslim refugees.  Be assured, that many of those refugees that brainwashed Americans are willing to risk our existence for would engulf our nation in flames if given the chance.

This final note:  Those of us who claim to be Christians, are not required to be nicer than Jesus.  Like Jesus we must not be afraid to stand up too evil and for the good of America, beat it back into retreat.  Yes, we must love our enemies.  But we are not expected by God to let those seeking to destroy this great nation to achieve that goal, whether from within or externally.  Everyone else has boldly come out of the closet.  Thus it is time for Christians and patriots to no longer cower in the closet.  It is time to defend United States sovereignty.  God Bless America and May America Bless God.

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