$20,000 Reward for ‘Murderer’ of DNC Staffer Seth Rich the Wikileaks Informant

It wasn’t the Russians after all, but don’t tell that to CNN, MSNBC, ABC or CBS. It was Seth Rich, a DNC staffer, who leaked the Democratic Party emails.

“In July, a Democratic National Committee staffer named Seth Rich was gunned down in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of northwest D.C.  The police said his murder may have been the result of a robbery. Now, however, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is saying there is more to the story”, according to the Christian Times Newspaper.

Christian Times Newspaper reported:

In an interview with a Dutch media outlet known as Nieuwsuur on Tuesday, Assange admitted that Rich, a staffer in the voter data department of the DNC, was Wikileak’s source within the organization.

In recent weeks, Wikileaks has released a torrent of information from inside the DNC — from emails to memos to voice mails — that has resulted in the resignation of top party officials, including Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  According to Assange, Rich arranged a large portion of this information.

After Rich’s murder, Assange announced that Wikileaks was offering a $20,000 reward for anyone who could provide information leading to an arrest and conviction in Rich’s murder case.

VIDEO: Julian Assange on DNC Staffer and Wikileaks informant Seth Rich:

There have been a number of deaths besides Seth Rich’s related to the DNC including UN official John Ashe, Victor Thorn, author of books exposing Hillary Clinton and Shawn Lucas the lead attorney in the DNC fraud case. Coincidence or planned?

dnc deaths 4 in one month

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