More of the Same Will Not Help You

Want extreme poverty?  Then by all means, vote for Hillary Clinton.  There is an old saying that the proud citizens of Michigan have said to me many times.  “As Detroit goes, so goes the nation.”  That proclamation is an old holdover from the days when Detroit was the undisputed motor capital of the world.  There was a time when Detroit automaker General Motors was the largest and most influential company of any kind on earth.  Detroit’s other manufacturing heavyweights included Ford, Chrysler, Dodge and the largest network of auto supplier companies in the world.

Until the end of the year 1966, Detroit was the wealthiest city in America and perhaps the world on a per capita basis.  After a lengthy history of successful republican mayors, in the year of 1962 Detroit voters took a political left turn and elected progressive democrat Jerome Cavanagh.  After only five years of a preponderance of socialist leaning policies and the negatives outcomes that accompany them, Detroit experienced the largest urban riot in American history in 1967

Quite often, rather than seeking real solutions to the problems plaguing the onetime industrial behemoth, Detroit city government totally turned away from the blessed capitalist principles that had made that city an American cornerstone of industry.

So after five decades and counting, it would seem that the voters in Detroit and other urban centers would grow tired of such weariness and seek a more economically viable situation.  But just like their socialist leaning counterparts in places like Venezuela, they seem unable to comprehend that maybe trying something different might render a more positive living outcome.  Unfortunately, far too many urban oriented Americans have allowed many generations of their children to be brainwashed to the point that they are seemingly unable to appreciate, or even desire a better way.

In fact, people in places like Detroit are more in favor of centralized heavy handed government over America.  Therein lies their overwhelming support for Mrs. Clinton for president.  Also, American government schools have done a masterful job of brain damaging so many students that on one hand they decry past slavery, yet on the other they complain of the lack of opportunity.

But when principles and viable solutions to lack, that have worked are presented, the brainwashed urbanites show vigorous disdain and often hurl accusations of racism.  Meanwhile, their standard of living continues to decline and the misery of poverty continues to be their way of life.

Before the first election of president Barack Obama I had warned listeners to my syndicated radio commentary (The Edwards Notebook) that Obama wants to do to America what has been done to Detroit.  Unfortunately, I was correct about Mr. Obama’s intentions toward America.  At every single opportunity, the president either blocked needed projects like the Keystone pipeline. He also continued to enact a record number of executive orders, making it more difficult to open or operate a viable business in the United States.

If Obama and Mrs. Clinton have their way, the United States will go the way of Venezuela.  Ultimately, as the American government centralizes more power in Washington D.C. it becomes a bigger drain on our overall economy and more indifferent to our unalienable rights.

Speaking of unalienable rights, urban dwellers who stupidly support president Obama no matter what are being trashed by Obama’s open border policy.  He allows a nonstop flow of both illegal immigrants and American hating Muslim refugees into the country and directly compete with black Americans for the shrinking level of opportunities available due to Obama’s dreadful economic policies.  But still, America’s black urbanites are in favor of the president and are prepared to support and vote for Margaret Sanger award winner, Mrs. Clinton in her quest for the presidency.

Unfortunately, every year more and more indoctrinated college graduates join the ranks of socialist loving black Americans who clamor for the most progressive candidates and equate that with being black. It seems that the more political candidates promote ideas that gravitate toward economic misery, the more black Americans are ready to vote for them and then will turn around and blame republicans for their worsening problems.  One of the biggest indicators of the success of government school brainwashing efforts, is how black Americans support the flooding of our republic with illegal immigrants and hateful Muslims.  They even approve of illegal immigrants and hateful Muslims being allowed to vote.

No wonder Russian dictator Nikita Khrushchev decades ago go said “we shall bury you.”  He was pointing out what would happen if or when, progressives control the education of America’s children they would be brainwashed into supporting America’s decline and demise.

As you consider the crossroads our nation now faces, please remember that if you want to live life more abundantly, there must be a noticeable reduction in the size, scope and influence of the centralized federal government.  If not, we could soon witness America ending up like Detroit or even worse, like Venezuela.  Choose, but choose wisely, for the life you affect will be your own.

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