500,000 Refugees are Coming!

Mosul is the second largest city in Iraq.  In August of 2014, it was overtaken by ISIS.  It is still controlled by the Islamic State (ISIS).

However, finally, many forces have decided to pull together to bring Mosul back to true freedom.

Kurdistan is technically a part of Iraq.  It is on the northern border of Iraq, with Turkey to the north, Syria to the west, and Iran to the east.  However, the Kurdish government is in reality separate from Iraq.  It has its own government and systems in place.  Since Kurdistan controls most of the oil of Iraq, there is a love-hate relationship between Kurdistan and Iraq.

Under Saddam Hussein, nearly 30,000 Kurds were gassed to death in a special Saddam purge of the Kurdish people years ago.  That Kurdish hatred for Saddam and Iraq still lingers.  Kurdistan was the United States’ staunch ally during Gulf War One.  They are still extremely friendly to the United States, in spite of their 98% Muslim population.  Assyrians, Chaldeans, and Armenian Christians still thrive and survive in Kurdistan.  And, Americans are still welcomed!

The Kurdish people treat Americans as “liberators.”  Many Iraqis treat Americans as “occupiers” and we have supposedly turned their country upside down.

The Middle East is an enormous “jigsaw puzzle.”  It all has to do with tribal warfare which dates way back even before the Ottoman Empire.  The United States government cannot totally figure it out.  Quite frankly, even the Middle East nations cannot totally figure it out.  Peace is a lofty goal.  Freedom, as we in the United States know it, also remains as a “lofty goal.”

FOUR forces have finally joined together against ISIS:  Iraqi forces, Kurdistan forces, coalition air strikes, and United States Army forces.  That last phrase may surprise you.  YES, U.S. Army forces in battle in Mosul!

Since my organization helps to rescue women and families directly from ISIS, and rehabilitates them in safe houses in Kurdistan, I have made many friends within minutes of ISIS, within minutes of Mosul.

I cannot reveal his name for security reasons, but my personal friend is an “advisor” to U.S. Army forces in Mosul.  Our media in the United States, certainly not our State Department, may not have mentioned that our Army is at work in Mosul to free them! He claims that Mosul will be freed BEFORE Christmas, this year!

But another personal friend is General Georges Sada.  He was Saddam Hussein’s Air Force Commander during Gulf War One.  He was one of two Christians on Saddam’s Council of 120 (most of which later became the foundation of ISIS!).  He later became President George W. Bush’s consultant on Iraq.  Currently, he is a daily consultant to the present Iraqi government.  The United States pays him handsomely to speak at our War College because of his expertise on Iraqi affairs.

When I travel to ISIS borders in Kurdistan, I consult with General Sada (Author of the book, “Saddam’s Secrets”) for my own personal safety.

I was talking with General Sada last week.  I mentioned that probably there would be over 40,000 refugees from Mosul after the liberation later this year.  He interrupted me and said, “No sir!  No sir! No sir!  There will be 500,000 refugees coming out of Mosul!”  WOW!  Mosul has a population of about 3.5 million.  After the warfare in the next few months, there will be hardly any homes to come home to for the people of Mosul.  Therefore, they must seek a home elsewhere; thus, refugees.

In no way am I suggesting that they come to America.  Quite frankly, the majority of them, in talking with them, do NOT want to come to America.  They prefer their homeland.  Of course.

But what are world governments going to do about this?!  It will present many problems to Dohuk and Erbil (the capital of Kurdistan).  It will also present many opportunities to show what Christians are really all about….to show compassionate and to help.  However, it will be overwhelming!

As you and I feast with our families at Thanksgiving and Christmas, HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of Mosul refugees will be wanting a glass of water or a piece of bread.  That is how desperate it will be between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Unfortunately, I do not have an answer.  I wish I did!

Something must be done, and pre-planning now by humanitarian organizations, to deal with this Mosul problem!  Again, they want to stay in their area, not the United States.

However, the United States immigration has its own problems.  In May of this year, President Obama’s Administration brought in 2,037 Syrian refugees of which only TWO were Christians! The figures are in for June and they are just as shocking. Once again: 99% of the Syrian “refugees” are Sunni Muslim!!

The lack of victims of Sunni Islamic oppression among the Syrian “refugees” being admitted stands out, but goes unreported by the media. Not even Fox News will report on the influx of only Sunni Muslims. Of course one of the major stock holders of the parent company which owns Fox News is a Sunni Muslim who is a Saudi prince.

Each month President Obama is increasing the number of Syrian Sunni Muslims he brings to the United States, even while his Administration declares that it is the Christians who are the main target of genocide by the Sunni Islamic State in Syria.

Over ten percent of the Syrian population is Christian, and this does not include the tens of thousands of Iraqi Christians who fled to Syria looking for a safe haven after the invasion of Iraq in 2002 and the Sunni uprising against our occupation forces there that cost more than 600,000 lives, almost all of them civilians.

At least 230 of the June batch of Syrian refugees statistically should have been Christian, and actually more than that because they are the single most persecuted group.

Over the last year, on average Barack Obama has allowed two Christians from Syria to enter for every 1,000 Sunni Muslims. To put that in perspective the ratio should be 100 Christians out of every 1,000 refugees. That would be 10%!

Did you know that the United States has taken in more Syrian refugees than all of the European Union?  According to the Washington Examiner, the EU has taken in some 6,000 Syrian “refugees,” outpaced by America’s 8,000!  If elected, Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has vowed to continue the intake by up to four-fold.

The Associated Press reports that 2.4 million jobs were outsources overseas – just in 2015 – and 3.2 million to China alone wince 2001.  At the same time, sending jobs overseas cost some $30      billion in wages in just 2015, put record numbers on welfare (which also costs taxpayers Billions), and has contributed to over 14.2 million Americans dropping out of the workforce in the past eight years!

Jihad Watch states the predicament very clearly: “The jihadists are at war with the United States, and those who have sworn to protect and defend this nation are determined instead, above all things, to make sure that we do not think negatively about the belief system that inspired this war against us and incites its adherents to attack us.”

Yet, our current administration declines to even use the word “radical Islamists.”

The bottom line: 

America’s “allies” in the Middle East are:  Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey.  When, in reality, these three nations finance over three-fourths of terrorist acts in the world!  Why?

If we cannot trust our government to come against the root of terrorism in the world, why would we trust them to assist the 500,000 Mosul refugees that are coming before the end of the year?


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