Muslim Migrant who died fighting for the Islamic State got Federal Welfare and Food Stamps

That is the headline, but what has the Leftwing media done in Maine?  They are attacking the governor because he released the information thus not respecting the Islamic terrorist’s privacy in death!  Ahhhh!

Robyn Merrill

Robyn Merrill (left) speaking at the State House in support of continued state welfare for the many refugees and asylum seekers arriving in Maine.

By the way Governor LePage is one of only a few governors who have had the guts to criticize the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program over the years.

Here is the news at Maine Public Radio:

Gov. Paul LePage has pounced on the recent unsealing of court documents showing an Iranian refugee who resettled in Maine and later joined the terror group ISIS.

But the governor’s eagerness to use Adnan Fazeli’s radicalization here to rail against welfare benefits for refugees may have led him to run afoul of a federal law designed to protect the identities of welfare recipients and their families.

State officials have not confirmed that Fazeli, or his family, received welfare benefits when he lived in Maine between 2009 and 2013. According to federal laws governing food stamps and cash assistance, they’re not supposed to.

“It’s concerning if that was indeed reported by Maine officials because federal law is clear that people’s confidentiality should be protected,” says Robyn Merrill, director for Maine Equal Justice Partners, an advocacy group for the poor.

Merrill’s concerns were raised by a report in the Boston Herald in which Maine state officials are quoted as saying that Fazeli, and his family, received cash and food stamp benefits. [Here is one of several stories about the terrorist on welfare in Maine—ed]

Those benefits, known also as SNAP and TANF, are federal programs, funded mostly with federal tax dollars.

According to federal rules, the identities of benefit recipients are confidential — only law enforcement, immigration officials and state administrators are allowed to know who receives the benefits.***

Those same officials, according to the law, “must adequately protect the information against unauthorized disclosure.”

The Herald story also contained an interview with LePage, who told the newspaper that the Fazeli case prompted him to order a review of all benefit programs for refugees.

More here.

***Now how does the claim by Maine Equal Justice Partners square with a law we told you about in the previous postwhere the federal ‘Work Opportunity Tax Credit’ is available to businesses that hire people (refugees!) who are on welfare, including food stamps.  If there is supposed to be secrecy surrounding one’s status as a welfare recipient, how is a company which wants to take advantage of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit know which welfare programs the refugee (the prospective employee) is receiving?
It seems everyone is allowed to know who is on welfare, but you! the taxpayer paying for it all!

For new readers, our Maine archive is here.


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4 replies
  1. Lilliam Diego
    Lilliam Diego says:

    Review the recipients receiving benefits. There is so much an American citizen worked over 30 yesrs. I am now disabled. RECEIVE NOTHING. Except SS I paid into. Now explain that one. The vetetsns. Seniors we all deserve better. Keep on writing. I am writing congressman my senator. Anyone who will liste. Enough with giving away. Help the people who paid into it

    • kookooracharabioso
      kookooracharabioso says:

      We are being genocided. It’s all very civilized the way that it’s done. Death by the numbers. No affordable housing. No breaks on profiteering utility companies. We are being killed by the stress of never enough money for basic living expenses. Don’t mind not being able to afford TV but it still makes me mad because I think that my husband ought to at least be able to enjoy that. Our only luxury is smart phone and most of what is on the phone I dare not use due to you have to put credit card number to access “free. ” Where I live a company that you have never done business with can swoop into your bank account and take ALL your monies and you can get evicted from your rental before you get it back. No, everything is just wrong.

  2. kookooracharabioso
    kookooracharabioso says:

    The common thread connecting the majority of criminals is their ability to take advantage of your civilized nature in order to trick you into becoming a victim. We pride ourselves on being a civilized society and that is what is being used to kill us with a thousand cuts and without our knowledge or consent. These same “refugees ” who are living better than many of us are also extremely abusive and threatening in every encounter except the doctors offices. (Fearful that will come. ) I hope that the points you made will protect the governor should legal charges be filed against him. He is right. You are right. We never got to vote on any of this and some of us have watched in horror for years at what our government does.


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