Florida: GOP State Committeeman breaks ranks endorses Conservative for School Board

Christian Ziegler is the elected Republican Party of Sarasota County State Committeeman. Ziegler in an email has decided to endorse Teresa Mast for school board.

Ziegler’s email is entitled Sarasota: The Most Important Race On Your Ballot….

teresa mast bannerBelow are Ziegler’s comments:

With the Primary Election approaching, I’m often asked about which candidates I’ll be supporting in the Republican Primary. Out of respect for my position as Sarasota County’s Republican State Committeeman, that question typically goes unanswered because I avoid supporting one Republican candidate over another Republican Candidate and instead focus on the two goals that make up my mission:

  1. Ensuring victory by Republican candidates at the local, state and federal level; and
  2. Promoting and advancing the principles of the Republican Party

Those two goals make up my mission. The issue before me today is my motivation, which starts and ends with my almost 3 year old and 5 month old daughters. The moment my first daughter was born, I stopped living for myself and began living for her. Having another child just doubled up that feeling.

With that in mind, after reading that a “Progressive PAC” fueled by anonymous liberal donors is backing Caroline Zucker’s School Board campaign, hearing that the Sarasota County Democratic Party has endorsed Caroline Zucker, and reading an email chain making it clear that the Union is working for Caroline Zucker, I have come to the conclusion that we must prevent Caroline Zucker from overseeing the school district that my children will inherit, and I cannot sit on the sidelines any longer.

So today, in what I believe is the most important race on the Primary Election ballot and in the best interest of our School District, I’m officially endorsing Conservative Teresa Mast for Sarasota County School Board and I urge you to do the same!

Here are the reasons why I OPPOSE Caroline Zucker and SUPPORT Teresa Mast for Sarasota County School Board:

Why I OPPOSE Caroline Zucker For Sarasota County School Board:

  • Zucker Is On The Wrong Side Of The Transgender Bathroom, Locker Room and Sleepover Issue – Zucker doesn’t stand with common sense and refuses to prevent students of the opposite sex from sharing bathrooms, locker rooms, and sleeping quarters during school field trips. As recently as last night, Zucker debated the issue on ABC7 and in a clear effort to avoid taking a position before the election, Zucker stated:  “I can’t take a position [on the Transgender bathroom/lock room/sleeping quarters issue] right now”  (Click to watch the video: Mast vs. Zucker – Transgender Issue Debate)
  • Zucker Heads Up A Liberal Organization That Sued Our Republican Governor & Republican Legislature – Zucker serves as the President of the liberal Florida School Board Association (FSBA), which has brought lawsuits against our Republican Governor and Republican Legislature in an effort to block better education options for those who need them the most – low-income students. Zucker has also expressed strong support for this lawsuit in the past.
  • Zucker Knowingly Misleads Voters – Zucker recently sent out a campaign mailer that appeared the show that Sheriff Tom Knight had endorsed her. Sounds standard for a campaign, however Sheriff Knight had not given her his endorsement, or permission to use his name and photo on her mailer. (Click to read: Sheriff Raps Zucker Over Campaign Material)
  • Zucker’s Fundraisers Are Put On By Democratic Party Leaders – The President of the Longboat Key Democratic Party recently hosted a fundraiser for Caroline Zucker. (Click here to read: Zucker Meet-And-Greet)
  • Zucker Supports Wasting Tax Dollars And Low Voter Turnout On Important Issues – The School District Referendum Election takes place in March and last election received just 16% turnout AND cost the Sarasota County School District $324,827.25 to hold an “off-cycle” election. If this election was held in November of a Presidential year, turnout would go up to 75% and it would not cost the School District a penny since it wouldn’t be an “off-cycle” election. Wouldn’t $324,827.25 be better spent in the classroom?
  • Zucker Breaks The Rules When It Benefits Her & It “Appears” As If Zucker Broke The Law – Even though Zucker is running in a “non-partisan” race and is prohibited from sharing her party affiliation without being asked, she ignored that rule when it benefited her. Even the Sarasota Herald-Tribune reported that this action “appears to be a violation of Florida State Statute 106.143(3)”. (Click to read the article)
  • Zucker Has Been In Office Way Too Long – She was first elected to the Sarasota County School Board in 1992. Since then, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush AND Barack Obama have each served two eight-year terms, Google was 8 years away from being founded, and the Ringling Bridge still had a decade to go before it was built. It’s time for the voters to apply force term limits on Zucker.
  • Zucker Is The Deciding Seat – With 2 Conservatives and 2 Union Backed Board Members, this race will decide which direction the Sarasota County School Board will head. Do you want the School Board to represent the taxpayers, teachers, parents and most importantly, the students, or do you want the future of the School Board to be decided by an individual put into office by a Progressive PAC, the Democratic Party and the Union, whose sole focus (according to their President), isn’t to ensure great teachers and an amazing education for our students, but instead is to “protect [teacher] income”? (Observer, 10/22/14). A vote for Zucker is a vote for the direction pushed by the Progressive PAC, Democratic Party and Union Bosses.

Why I SUPPORT Teresa Mast For Sarasota County School Board:

  • Mast Is A Conservative – I’m confident that Teresa Mast will be committed to representing the taxpayers, teachers, parents and students of Sarasota County.
  • Mast Brings A Fresh Perspective – Teresa Mast is energetic, has never been elected to office and would fill Zucker’s seat on the Board with a fresh perspective focused on transparency & community engagement. (Read The Observer Endorsement)
  • Mast Listens To The Community – Teresa Mast has spent a good portion of her career working for the Sarasota County Government in a role where she was responsible for seeking, gathering and incorporating citizen feedback.
  • Mast Is The Deciding Candidate – This race will decide which direction the School Board will head. Will the School Board be controlled by an individual put into office by a Progressive PAC, the Democratic Party and Union Bosses or will the School Board represent their real boss – the taxpayers, teachers, parents and most importantly, the students of Sarasota County? A vote for Teresa Mast is a vote for the taxpayers, teachers, parents, and Sarasota County students.

I love Sarasota County. I’ll never be moving away from Sarasota County. Sarasota County is a place where other people hope that they’ll be able to retire to and that’s exactly what I intend to do. And because of that, my two daughters will be attending school in Sarasota County.

It’s no secret that my wife Bridget Ziegler serves on the Sarasota County School Board, and I’m sure the media will make that clear if they write about this email, but this plea is not about her.

Instead, the motivation behind this email is simple – as a Sarasota County taxpayer, parent, and conservative, I feel an obligation to speak up and do what I can to ensure that we elect the best person to represent us on the School Board so that our citizens, parents, and most importantly, the students (current and future, including my daughters) of Sarasota County have access to an amazing school district.

And that’s exactly why I urge you to reject Liberal Caroline Zucker and vote for Conservative Teresa Mast for Sarasota County. 

Please Vote On August 30th & Considering “SHARING” This Email To Help Inform Your Friends, Family, Co-Workers, Neighbors, And Everyone Else On Facebook!

Thank you for taking the time to read this important message and I look forward to working with you to ensure Republican Victory this year!

Christian Ziegler

Father Of Soon To Be Kindergartners – Conservative – Citizen of Sarasota County

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