Floridian Douglas J. Band: The Man Behind the Clinton Foundation

Sarasota, Florida has become the epicenter of the Clinton Foundation scandal. Why? Because the man who created the Clinton Global Initiative hails from this normally low key Sunshine State city. His name is Douglas J. “Doug” Band.

trump band

President Bill Clinton and Douglas J. Band (right).

There would be no “Clinton Foundation” or “Clinton Global Global Initiative”, if it weren’t for Doug Band.

According to Wikipedia:

Band is the youngest of four children of David and Myrna Band. A native of Sarasota, Florida, Band earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida with a major in English and a minor in Ethics.

[ … ]

Band is an American businessman and lawyer. He was the former personal assistant and counselor to President Bill Clinton and he assisted in creating the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI).

Jon Susce, publisher of the Sarasota Phoenix, in an email stated, “A  friend told me recently he played golf with Band here in Sarasota and during the course of the match Bill Clinton called Band 4 [four] times. My friend also suggested to Band that he write a tell all book and he could retire a multi millionaire—-Band said he would not live to enjoy [the] profits and anyways Band was already a multimillionaire through [his] Clinton connections.”


Douglas J. “Doug” Band

The Washington Post notes in their article “A porous ethical wall between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department“:

IN ANOTHER election year with an opponent who is not so obviously unqualified, last week’s revelations about connections between Hillary Clinton’s State Department and the Clinton Foundation would have been bigger news. Though it is an exaggeration to claim that Ms. Clinton ran her agency as a pay-to-play operation, the latest unearthed emails from the Clinton State Department nevertheless reveal that the ethical wall she was supposed to have built between herself and her family’s organization was not impermeable enough.

Two email conversations revealed by the conservative activist organization Judicial Watch show that staff on both sides of that wall were in contact. Both conversations involved Douglas J. Band, head of the Clinton Global Initiative in 2009, when the emails were written, and top Clinton aides. In the most concerning, Mr. Band pressed Clinton confidantes Huma Abedin and Cheryl D. Mills to connect Gilbert Chagoury, a major Clinton Foundation donor, with a senior State Department official. Mr. Chagoury says that no meeting took place and that he just wanted to pass information about the political situation in his native Lebanon to the relevant diplomatic official.

Still, Ms. Abedin responded encouragingly to Mr. Band’s request.

[Emphasis added]

band with clinton

David Band, center, stands next to former President Clinton in 2009. The other adults in this picture are Myrna Band, Amy and Steve Band, Greg and Alexandra Bank, Doug Band and Roger Band. The Bands hosted Clinton for a fundraiser. CORRESPONDENT PHOTO / CORRESPONDENT PHOTO / MARY M

The Band family is no stranger to fraud and scandal. 

Kevin L. McQuaid in a January 2011 Sarasota Herald Tribune article titled “An elite Sarasota society is fractured” wrote:

David S. Band’s life for decades has been the stuff of envy, but these days, there is a lot not to be jealous over.

The attorney-turned-real estate investor faces more than a half-dozen lawsuits alleging fraud and other misdeeds. Several real estate deals have gone bad, costing him millions of dollars in unexpected expenses, lost income and future appreciation.

The business setbacks have also soured a string of decades-long friendships and fractured Sarasota’s wealthy elite, a once tight bunch that has fueled the region’s artistic and cultural institutions.

Read more.

The Band’s invested in and owned a share in Sarasota News Now (SNN) Channel 6 until it went bankrupt.

Sarasota Magazine reported in October 2009:

[Bill] Clinton mentioned that he had been to Florida “a zillion times’ during his campaigns, and had always wanted to come to Sarasota, the hometown of his longtime assistant, Doug Band, son of well-known Sarasotans David and Myrna. (Doug’s brother, Roger, is a doctor who also frequently accompanies Clinton on overseas trips to keep him healthy.)

Doug Band is the man behind the Clinton Foundation. He is the brains and legal strength that created it. It appears he may have forgotten what he learned in his ethics classes at the University of Florida?


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