VIDEO: BREXIT Architect Farage at Trump Rally — ‘I wouldn’t vote for Hillary if she paid me’

Donald Trump is linking his “movement to take back the country” to Britain’s surprising vote to leave the European Union.

Trump invited Nigel Farage, an architect of Britain’s successful “Brexit” campaign, to join him on stage at a rally on Wednesday night, August 24th, in Jackson, Mississippi.

Farage is outgoing head of the United Kingdom Independence Party. He said “anything is possible” if enough people band together, and predicted that Trump’s presidential campaign would “smash the establishment.”

Farage noted that his movement was an underdog in public opinion polls but triumphed in Britain’s June 23 referendum. He predicted that Trump, who supported Britain’s departure from the European Union, would stage a comeback and win in November.

Trump called Farage’s appearance an honor and said, “The nation’s working people will take control again.”

Ian Schwartz from RealClear Politics reported:

Farage also took a shot at President Barack Obama for campaigning against Brexit.

“The big card the prime minister (David Cameron) decided to play in the referendum is he got a foreign visitor to come to London to talk to us. Yes, we were visited by one Barack Obama. And he talked down to us. He treated us as if we were nothing,” Farage said.

“I wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton if you paid me!” Farage jokingly said to the crowd.

“I wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton if she paid me!” Farage said to laughter.

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