Progressivism Kills Prosperity: Example — Cleveland, Ohio

Why knock a city down, when it is just getting off the map?  Throughout America, the progressives are feverishly at work trying to establish more and more draconian government policies that have already been proven throughout the world to bring nothing but disaster.  Venezuela quickly comes to mind on that score.

Throughout our republic turned mob rule democracy, the seeds of progressivism were sewn in earnest in 1913.  That year there was a pivotal meeting between world impacting government and corporate globalists who had a negative view of a nation of true personal responsibility based liberty, coupled with equal economic opportunity for all.  In addition, the concept of unalienable rights that come from God totally rankled them.

They also understood that government itself does not produce wealth.  But they were hankering to control economic outcomes.  Thus, the early 20th century globalists encouraged the formation of the Federal Reserve Monetary System.  It was designed to usurp U.S. congressional oversight of our nation’s money supply and economy.  As I understand it, congress had the authority to oppose the globalists efforts to rule over our economy.  Unfortunately, congress failed to stand up and alert the American people they represented of the impending doom of America’s economic independence.

As usual as with most endeavors, one thing leads to another.  But in the case of the Federal Reserve system that artificially stimulates and sometimes strangles our economy, there are numerous ways our economy is affected and sometimes infected.  One way of infecting our economy has been the practice of trying to force and guarantee economic outcomes. That is the opposite of allowing for an organic growth in economic opportunities based upon an incentivized economy that rewards work, innovation and invention.

In fact, the design and operation of today’s Federal Reserve fiat system will eventually implode our economy, if certain corrections are not soon made.  Among the needed changes would be changing course and backing the U.S. dollar with gold or silver to help it maintain real spending power.  Which brings me to the original reason for this column.

We are all familiar with the legions of silly clucks who are still demanding a $15 dollar per hour minimum wage for low skilled jobs like flipping burgers, wearing a thick costume to advertise a business, or washing dishes.  But the underlying major problem lies with the Federal Reserve continuing to print massive amounts of unbacked greenbacks.  That ridiculous practice is rapidly shriveling away the value of our money supply.  The American dollar probably has lost well over fifty percent of purchasing worth since the 1970s.

That is why I find the demand of $15 dollars per hour for no or low skilled workers totally futile.  Let’s take a look at the city of Cleveland. Like Detroit, for decades that city suffered from a massive shut down of the manufacturing base. Literally hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs were lost due to harmful international trade agreements, high taxes, overly zealous union demands and burdensome regulations.  Both Cleveland and Detroit were economically on the ropes.  Oftentimes, people throughout America and the world wondered if either city would ever recover economically.

Things in Cleveland were dismal and even worse in Detroit.  But in recent years, Cleveland refused to remain a dark, dank, rundown shadow of it’s former glory.  At the 2016 Republican in Cleveland I saw a beautiful city that does not physically reflect the economic struggles still present there.  Downtown Cleveland is a showplace of beautifully restored iconic older buildings and stunning new structures.  Playhouse Square, Cleveland’s answer to New York City’s theater district is a stunning showplace of gloriously refurbished theater palaces the are more beautiful than any Broadway theater I have ventured into.  Cleveland is home to many world class restaurants as well as museums that rival the best America and Europe have to offer.  The Cleveland museum of art is utterly stunning, as well as the University Circle neighborhood where it is located.

Cleveland is now one of the top restaurant cities in the world, feeding the growing throngs of both millennials ­moving in and tourists going there to enjoy the city. As a result, thousands of restaurant and hotel jobs have come about offering opportunities that were at one time unavailable for low skilled citizens seeking to enter into the workforce and gain experience.  That is a great compliment to the biotech companies and burgeoning health industry opportunities that attracting many college graduates into the city.  Outside of downtown and University Circle are Little Italy, Tremont, Ohio City, Asia Town, Gordon Square and others that are filled with numerous restaurants and other attractions of their own.

But now thanks but no thanks to progressive activists and other haters of real economic growth, Cleveland’s unfinished business of rebirth could come to a screeching halt. 

They are pushing for a $15 dollar per hour minimum wage.  If that comes to fruition, Cleveland’s restaurant industry and other smaller businesses throughout the city will either move out of the city, reduce their staffs, or shut down altogether.  Many who started as hosts, dishwashers and delivery personnel are now successful chefs, servers and owners.  But now that ladder of success may be tipped over if Cleveland’s many eateries are suddenly forced to deplete their economic viability by being saddled with a $15 dollar per hour wage mandate.

Already, both grocery store owners and restaurateurs have pledged a moratorium on planned expansions until the issue is settled.  I find it down right evil of those progressive agitators to knowingly place in jeopardy the livelihood of both business owners and employees who desire to work their way up in life.  The city of Seattle has suffered the loss of numerous businesses do to that city’s $15 dollar demand. To kick Cleveland just as she has emerged off the mat of economic despair is very suspect and not helpful to anyone but those seeking to politically dismantle our free market economy of equal opportunity.

Wake up Cleveland and America and free yourself from the economic death of progressivism, before it is too late.

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