Open Letter to Max Blumenthal RE: Calling lovers of Israel ‘Judeo-Nazis’

Dear Mr. Blumenthal:

On behalf of my fellow Zionists and myself, let me declare that neither they nor I are “Judeo-Nazis,” as you have chosen to call the Chosen People who have the audacity, actually tenacity, to want to live. The true Nazis made sure that millions upon millions of us did not have that basic human right to live, including my grandparents, Louis and Berta Katz, their little son, Arthur Werner, and their one-month-old granddaughter, Bianca Louise, among so many others in just our family.

I invite you to debate me in person on the Jewish right-to-live, which excludes the right to be stabbed, the right to be bombed in buses, the right for babies to be murdered in their cribs, the right to be punctured by missile shrapnel coated with rat poison, and the right to be bombarded with rockets raining on our Jewish homes. The Jewish right-to-live movement also excludes the intricately-planned invasions of Israeli schools and homes through dozens of tunnels stocked with ampoules of tranquilizers and yards of rope with which to drug and bind our beloved children on none other than the date of Erev Rosh HaShonah 2014 … tunnels ten stories underground costing scores of millions of dollars.

I dare you to explain to an audience how much Palestinians love their own children when they spend millions of dollars and endless hours to kidnap our Jewish children rather than to embrace and educate their little ones. I dare you to defend using Palestinian children as human shields and miniature warriors-in-the-making to carry out suicide-homicide missions from which their adult leaders shrink in fear for their own lives.

If you had a shred of love for the Arab children in the womb and outside bathed in hatred against Jews, then you would lift up your voice to protect them from the relentless abuse of hate they hear and face from birth emanating from their parents and other persons whose malice is ceaseless against the Jews.

Mr. Max, we are not Judeo-Nazis or haters. We are Jews who love children of all origins, including those with Jewish heritage in their blood, which has been shed far too much far too often and for no reason other than their bodily vessels are Jews. The reason that little Arthur Werner Katz, of whom only one tiny photo survived the Holocaust, was murdered on November 3, 1943, in the Riga Ghetto, is the exact same reason that Israeli children are targeted today – for the crime of committing Judaism.

The reason that newborn Bianca Louise Vleeschhouwer, of whom no photo was ever taken in her one month of life, was gassed to death with her Mom and Dad at Sobibor on May 28, 1943, is for the crime of committing Judaism. The numbers murdered are incomprehensible, and the reason is immutable hatred of Jews, transferred from generation to generation. Then, as now, the Arab nations steadfastly supported the elimination of the Jewish People, but the State of Israel does not reciprocate this evil. Multitudes of Arab children live through the generosity of skilled Jewish physicians whose tireless work heals young bodies broken by disease and trauma.

I reiterate … we are not Judeo-Nazis. We are Jews, who bring life and health to other Jews and to Arabs. This is the Divine Will that we follow as “a light unto the nations,” not the darkness of hatred spewed endlessly into the ears of children who are less important to the Palestinian people than tunnels engineered to kill other children born into the wrong faith.

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