The Dark Emperor: George Soros

When one looks at lists of the largest donors to global political causes in the last 15 to 20 years, one name continues to pop up again and again, especially when it comes to large contributions to progressive and Democratic organizations and political action committees: George Soros.

As the world’s 27th-wealthiest individual, Soros has a net worth of nearly $25 billion, most of it located offshore. Much of that wealth has come from currency speculation and big bets in international markets that have been affected by one of Soros’ biggest side interests — politics.

In fact, given the amount of money Soros has given to progressive and liberal groups in the last 20 years — from MoveOn to Occupy Wall Street to Black Lives Matter — it seems disingenuous of Wikipedia to refer to Soros as a “philanthropist”; “global manipulator” is a more apt title.

As one of the planet’s most affluent citizens, Soros hasn’t been shy about flexing his political muscles, as atrophied as they likely are at his age of 86.


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