VIDEO: Donald Meets Jesus in Detroit — Receives Two Gifts from God

This is the second video report on Donald J. Trumps visit to the Great Faith Ministries International church located in Detroit, Michigan. During his time at Great Faith Donald Trump received two special gifts from Bishop Wayne T. and Dr. Beverly Y. Jackson Senior Pastors – a shawl and a Bible.


Watch and learn the religious significance of this visit to all Christians and Jews:


Teach the word. Equip the saints. Demonstrate the power. Impact the world
  • TEACH: Give knowledge & wisdom with clarity that leads to understanding.
  • EQUIP: Give people the tools & platform to grow. By excercising what they’ve been taught.
  • DEMONSTRATE: Actively & continually assert & affirm the beliefs & principles established.
  • IMPACT: Get results, share results, reproduce results.

Learn more:

Here is the full sermon of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to members of the Great Faith Ministries in Detroit reaching out to African-Americans:

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