The Brenda Snipes/Tallahassee Disenfranchisement of Broward Voters

By Ruth Roman and Rich Gabbay

Investigative Report – Part III

brenda snipesIn my previous articles (here and here) I revealed Supervisor of Elections, Dr. Brenda Snipes has ignored both Federal and Florida Statutes by refusing to cleanse ineligible voters from the voter rolls of Broward County, Florida.

It was disclosed to Dr. Snipes that some 190 Broward voters who voted in the March 2016 Presidential Primary also voted in the April, 2016 New York State Presidential Primary. To date, Dr. Snipes did not respond to the Florida Statutory request, and has once again chosen to ignore public activism challenging the abuse of her position as Broward Supervisor of Elections.

In 2013, Florida Secretary of State, Ken Detzner, issued a directive which sought to define and tighten the integrity of the absentee ballot choice from its creation source to the security of the S.O.E.’s main election offices. Just three days before the commencement of early voting in the August 2016 Primary Election, Ms. Snipes issued a press release. A creative interpretation of Florida Statute enabled Snipes to decree that up to 10 ballots at a time could be “voted” at 11 of the 20 early voting sites, when only (2) is allowed per person under Florida Statues. On the surface, one would consider this an expeditious voter-processing improvement. But, in reality it appears to be a larger insidious strategy to usurp and corrupt the lawful execution of the electoral process.

What follows is this writer’s speculation derived from the logical progression of recent events. Follow that: the maintenance of voter rolls that inflate by 15-20% the actual count facilitates Snipe’s strategic activities in the following manner.

In October, 2015 all (registered or ACTIVE?) 1.1 million plus Broward registered voters received a Vote-By-Mail Information Brochure encouraging them to request Vote-By-Mail ballots in future elections. It follows, that some 150,000-200,000 questionable recipients at questionable addresses, such as UPS offices, received this invitation. (If 20% of these questionable “unknown origin requests” were returned then perhaps 30,000-40,000 phantom ballots may be processed in the November 8th election.) The potential of voter fraud is further enhanced because the questionable “unknown origin requests” Vote-By-Mail ballots deposited in multiple lots at multiple precincts are in the possession of Ms. Snipes and her staff. Even more disturbing, reports reveal prior elections have received numerous counting and scanning complaints in the absentee ballot reporting process. Furthermore, voter fraud potential is enhanced because Florida Statutes forbid absentee ballots submitter’s addresses from being made public, so how can they be audited?

Recently, S.O.E. Dr. Brenda Snipes made the news again, when the primary election results in Broward County were put on the election’s web page by her office a half hour before the closing of the polls. Regardless of whether this was directly attributable to Snipes or not, her authority as S.O.E. makes her responsible for the outcome, which is a third class felony violation of Florida Statutes. Secretary of State, Ken Detzner fired off memos to Broward’s State’s Attorney, Michael Satz and Sheriff Scott Israel, requesting an investigation. Meanwhile Ms. Snipes reflexively produced an affidavit signed by a machine operator who claimed it was his fault. If it was determined that Ms. Snipes be “held harmless,” why after 13 days has there not been a definitive statement by Satz? Odds are though, that she will be granted a pass on this incident, setting the precedent for the “machine failure” excuse in the November Presidential Election when highly suspicious partisan tallies are posted.

The General Election is now less than two months away. Our elected officials, Florida Secretary of State, Detzner, Attorney General, Bondi and Governor Scott have failed to prioritize the issue of voter fraud and thereby they themselves have become unwarily complicit enablers of voter disenfranchisement. We call upon our Tallahassee officials to enforce Florida Statues to sanction or remove, by executive order if necessary, our rogue and notorious Supervisor of Elections, Dr. Brenda Snipes.

There is an unbroken theme here, election after election, Snipes enables and contributes to voter fraud, violates election statutes, and Secretary of State, Detzner, seems impotent or pressured not to reign in this staff’s flawed math, missing cartons of ballots, “cranky machines” are but some examples. All the while, she has never, not once taken personal responsibility for the questionable outcomes. Indeed, why would she when there have never been any consequences for her ineptitude or misdeeds? To date, Dr. Snipes has not responded to the Florida Statutory request, and once again has chosen to ignore public activism and has continued to abuse her position as Broward County Supervisor of Elections.

SOS Directive 2013 Ken Detzner by Media Trackers Florida on Scribd

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  1. Honorandfaith
    Honorandfaith says:

    This is also a huge problem in Palm Beach County, with its highly partisan and utterly incompetent SOE, Susan Bucher. I personally witnessed multiple instances of vote fraud when I was overseeing the correction of the 60,000 defective general election absentee ballots she mailed out in 2012. I saw CORRECTED ballots examined by the SOE machine-feeding personnel thrown in the trash, and I assume it was done to those ballots that had votes for Romney at the top of the ticket, and a straight Dims ticket under him.

    The SOE in St. Lucie County had 141% turnout of the registered voters in the county, and our cowardly SOS Detzner did NOTHING, despite many eyewitness accounts like mine. It will be no different this year. God help us.


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