Sticking It To America

President Obama finds yet another way to stick it to America.  It is bad enough to have to endure the daily disregard for the law on behalf of presidential candidate Mrs. Clinton.  The onslaught of attacks against GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump by Alynski inspired network talk show hosts and news anchors is nauseating.  We have endured a president who consistently bad mouths “We the People” of the United States to anyone around the world who will listen.  Then the White House occupier touts that the biggest problem America faces is climate change.  I find that amazing because first of all, the climate has been changing ever since Adam and Eve were booted out of the garden of Eden.

Perhaps Mr. Obama cannot comprehend that when the weather transforms from sunny and bright to cloudy and rainy that is climate change.  More over as autumn diminishes and winter takes it’s place, that is climate change.  As a result, life goes on as it has for thousands if not millions of years.

Actually, the environmentalist movement is one of the major avenues of destruction being utilized by progressives, both here in the United States government and the United Nations to ruin our economy.  Decades ago upon his retirement, Russian dictator Mikhial Gorbachev encouraged the utilization of what he dubbed as the Green Cross movement.  Mr. Gorbachev admitted that the United States could not be defeated militarily.  But through the indoctrination of millions of government school students and a compliant progressive oriented media, The U.S. could be brought down through a piling on of environmental regulations that the people are fooled into believing are actually good for the environment and beneficial to our republic.

Unfortunately, the dastardly vision of those who want to diminish our nations greatness have successfully enlisted the services of millions of brainwashed young Americans.  They have no clue of the Pandora’s box of horrors they are seeking to help unleash on our nation.

In the Bible there is a verse that refers to when the wicked reign, the people mourn.  No one has to be a Hillsdale graduate to understand that the results of many bad and unrighteous decisions have been coming to fruition throughout our republic.

Also, progressives have for years harped on the need for more freedom.  But unfortunately, their brand of freedom has only opened the door to segmented freedom for some, while inhibiting both freedom and liberty for others.  For example, illegal immigrants are allowed to freely come into our nation without proper scrutiny.  In many cases illegal immigrants are allowed to get away with criminal activity. They are locked up for a very short amount of time, some are sent across the border to Mexico and allowed to return into our nation unchallenged.  The Obama administration has specifically ordered border patrol agents to just watch illegals stream into America.

Thus the peace, tranquility and freedom of actual Americans is grossly inhibited, especially in Sanctuary cities like San Francisco, where a young lady was gunned down while enjoying an evening walk with her dad.  Both illegal immigrants and diseased Muslim refugees are systematically attacking Americans of all stripes, including police officers.  A New York City police office was recently attacked by a man with a meat cleaver.

But when the current immigration plan and the results of it are criticized, by those of us who are concerned about our national sovereignty and personal safety, the gaggle of progressive attack dragons go on the muscle against freedom of speech, unless it is line with their dogma.  Even progressive presidential candidate Mrs. Clinton has resorted to calling those who want our border protected bigots and xenophobes.  With the government approval of enemy Muslim refugees coming into America without even letting those of us who are forced to pay for this madness via high taxes, our nations is becoming a less joyful place to live.

There is more evidence of the results of how even freedom is corrupted and the people mourn when the wicked reign.  It was bigoted, anti-Christian haters who were able to get Christianity booted out of government schools, getting young Americans used to the idea of growing up to themselves become anti-Christian principle bigots and haters. Many of them now work to keep Christian principles drummed out of government schools and drummed society in general.  I believe that many progressive politicians of today like Mrs. Clinton support suppressing the free exercise of that way of life.

Yet at the same time I have noticed how Mrs. Clinton and most other progressives have no problem with the growing number of government schools that teach young students that allah is god. Of course, president Obama continues to stick it to America.  According to a Department of Homeland Security Whistleblower Philip Haney Muslims are coming to America to wage “settlement jihad” and implement sharia law.  Haney warned that most Muslims do not migrate to the United States with the intention of assimilating into American culture.  The fact is, Obama knows this and more but both he and Mrs. Clinton want to fill our nation to the brim with so many Muslims and others in order to fundamentally change America.

But because of the gradual dummying down of millions of Americans over several generations for the first time in American history no less than 49% percent of Americans now equate the desire to protect our borders with bigotry and racism.  But yet they have no inkling that the job of government is to protect our republic from harm and secure the borders, something many now call xenophobia.

Despite the obvious setbacks, I am convinced that a vibrant remnant is coalescing around a winning strategy to restore our nation to greatness as one nation under God with liberty and justice for all.

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