Tax Friendly Counties in Florida: Only 7 out of 67 or 10.5%

There are 67 counties in this Sunshine State and only seven (7) are “sales tax friendly” holding at 6%. These counties can operate their budgets and manage their money with as little pressure as possible placed upon their citizens ensuring the harder you work the more you keep. Excluding, of course, the corrupt IRS at the federal level and the illegal confiscation of your wealth in local property taxes.

Here is the list of counties with a 6% sales tax in the great state of Florida.

  1. Martin County
  2. Okaloosa County
  3. Palm Beach County
  4. Collier County
  5. Marion County
  6. Lee County
  7. Broward County

Martin County – 6% also borders Palm Beach County (6%) St Lucie County 6 1/2% – Okeechobee County at 7%.

I would suggest the TEA Party conservatives and all citizens in the higher taxed counties cross the county border and shop in Martin County and Palm Beach County.

Gas – clothes – car repairs – new furniture purchases – new appliance’s etc. Then write letters to companies in the high taxed counties and let them know you are no longer shopping with them due to the high tax base surcharge above the 6%

Okaloosa County borders Santa Rosa County soon to be 7% and Walton County at 7%. I recommend all patriots living in Santa Rosa and Walton County shop in Okaloosa County. This would also include Escambia County that operates at a 7 1/2% fleecing of its citizens.

Santa Rosa County is being ran by a Fascist group of Obama interns. They doubled the gas taxes on us in January 2016 – they emotionally destabilized folks into voting for a sales tax increase to 7% and now these slimy RINO golems are going to try and raise the property taxes on us on September 20th. These boys need a lesson in constitutional governance.

Anyway – Palm Beach County is at 6% which borders Martin County at 6% – Broward 6% – Hendry 7% – Glades 7% and Okeechobee 7%. Same story. Cross county lines for all purchases from high tax to lower taxed counties.

Collier County at 6% borders Monroe County at 7 1/2% – Lee County 6% – Hendry 7% – Broward at 6%.

Looks good here. The folks in the higher taxed counties have more choices to cross the county line to shop and purchase gasoline etc.

Marion County 6% – borders Alachua at 6% – Putnam County 7% -Volusia County 6 1/2 % Lake County 7% – Sumter County 7% – Citrus 6% and Levy 7%.

Lee County should do pretty well at 6%. It borders Desoto County that fleece their citizens at a 7 1/2 % tax rate – Collier is good at 6% – Hendry County fleeces its citizens 7% – Sarasota County 7% and Glades County at 7%.

Lee and Collier County should be reaping all the financial benefits from its low tax base surrounded by tax and spend liberal counties.

Broward County at 6% borders Dade County 7% – Palm Beach County 6% – Collier County 6% and Hendry County at 7%.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen. Only 7 counties in Florida that can manage a budget – the rest are fleecing you dry.

They are sucking money out of your wallets faster than a Planned Parenthood vacuum pump to fund their $100,000 plus salaries – to purchase their antiquities and gold embossed bides.

Start inquiring into the salaries of all your county and city employees. Find out what they make. This will help explain the high sales tax bases. Lots of folks move to Florida from New York to escape high taxes and they bring their Marxist ideology with them and start burying us in taxes.

You will find some of these leaches are sucking over $130,000 a year from your taxpayer coffers in salaries while only working 5 hours a day with expense accounts and travel accounts. Its a racket.

Lets start fighting these miscreant bottom feeding cockroaches. Start with public emails and finally at the ballot box. All emails are public record under Florida Sunshine laws – So the party is about to begin.

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