VIDEO: The Democrats are the party of death because their master is Satan

If it isn’t painfully obvious to everyone in the world, the  Democrats have become the party of Death because their master is Satan.


If it isn’t painfully obvious to everyone in the world, the  Democrats have become the party of Death because their master is Satan. This is not to paint Republicans as the party of God — very extremely far from it. Nor is it to sing the praises of Donald Trump as some kind of Christian cultural savior.

The laser-beam focus of this episode is to simply and directly point out that the entire Democratic Party leadership and its allies — including some members of the Catholic hierarchy in the United States — are under the influence of Satan. What must be kept clearly in mind is that Satan has no care about politics or economics or anything else, beyond his ability to use them for the destruction of the Catholic Church — the sole means of salvation.

Viewing events from this prism brings everything into sharp focus. In epochs past, Satan made use of whatever means of government mankind presented. It doesn’t matter if it was imperial, or monarchy, or federalist, or republic, or democracy — it makes no difference to him. Whatever mankind offers, he uses.

When he beheld with his diabolical mind the formation of a government where the people would become the authority – then he set out to corrupt the people. He has done this in spades in America. Same-sex marriage, abortion, contraception, religious “diversity,” you name it; he is responsible for all of this behind the scenes.

But there is more than just what’s behind the scenes. There’s most importantly how it all plays out in real time, in the day to day of our reality. Faithful Catholics have had to stand by and watch for decades as the world around them imploded and was offered up to Satan: one billion aborted babies, the near-destruction of the family, the entire world order inverted.

And now, the possibility that Hillary Clinton could become leader of the free world. We faithful Catholics are in the midst of a 54-day novena to plead Heaven for a good outcome to the U.S. election. It started on the feast of Our Lady’s Assumption, August 15, and it was that day that Hillary’s polls started slipping, her substantial weeks-long lead essentially evaporating.

See, it isn’t only Satan who works behind the scenes .Satan may be the Prince of this World, but God is always King of the Universe. Could the undeniable revelations about Hillary’s horrible health be a heavenly intercession, a reprieve for moral people who would be so incredibly threatened by her tyranny?

We can’t say for certain, but what we can say for certain is this: Ever since the 54-day Rosary novena called for by Cdl. Raymond Burke in Rome began on August 15, Hillary’s fortunes have exploded. Donald Trump should be paying very close attention to this. Win or lose the race, be on the side of the Mother of God. Never oppose Her.

This is, of course, true of various Catholics, both lay and clerics, who have worked tirelessly to foist the evil agenda of immorality on the world. Many Catholics, including Hillary’s running mate, have set themselves up as enemies of Christ and His Holy Church. God will not be mocked for ever.

Last January we here at Church Militant launched our daily program “The Download” to discuss issues just like this — the Catholic perspective on world events. Every day “The Download” crew scours the world of news Catholics need to know and sets the agenda for a lively, informative discussion — a discussion that you want to know about because of the spiritual impact all this has on you and your loved ones.

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