Hawaii: Democrat Vice Chair Resigns—’Party Less Transparent, More Dictatorial’

dph_joinus1The Following Message Was Sent to Oahu County Democratic Party Officers…

September 14, 2016

Please accept this email as notification of resignation of my position as vice chair of the Oahu County Committee.

I want to thank the Oahu County Democratic Party and OCC for the rewarding and enriching experience. Twelve years ago Jimmy Toyama asked if I could use my technology skills to modernize the membership database. Through the years I’ve been able to practice my profession while participating and helping an organization whose mission and values I feel so passionate about has been extremely rewarding.

Now however, I feel the officer and committee level party membership has become less focused on helping Democrats beat Republicans, and I feel too focused on rules, discipline and policing member behavior. The OCC style has become less transparent, more dictatorial, and for me, more stressful. I no longer feel my time is well spent participating, and for this reason I am resigning my vice chair position on the Oahu County Committee. I wish the committee well.


Richard Halverson

Cc: Party Officers on Oahu

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