The Destruction of Haiti by Bill and Hillary Clinton

The history of the Clintons involvement in Haiti dates back over 23 years, when then President Bill Clinton, in October of 1993, ordered warships into Haitian waters to enforce a U.N. trade embargo and prepared a small contingent of troops and show of force to pave the way for the return to power of  controversial, Marxist leader, Jean Bertrand Aristide.  Former leader of the Haitian Senate, Bernard Sansaricq, witness to the plan, recently presented his experience of working with the Clinton surrogates to an overflowing room at a recent Champions of Liberty Alliance, (formerly TPFL), meeting.

VIDEO: Haitian President Exposes the Clinton Foundation: “Hillary Clinton tried to bribe me!”

Mr. Sansaricq, the son of a prominent coffee exporter, became involved in Haitian politics at a very young age, when his friends 15 and 16 years old were killed because of their ideology.  He was the subsequently sent to the U.S. by his father, who revered America, to attend military school and the R.O.T.C.  After graduation, he was drawn back home to Haiti, where he held dreams of transforming Haiti into a free market country, emulating America.

Mr. Sansaricq held the position of President of the Senate when preparations were underway for dictator Aristitide to come back to power.  The American government, under Clinton, supported the U.N. embargo cutting off Haiti’s lifeline of food and medicine; over 49,000 infants died as the result.  The coup to bring Aristide back to power was supported by the U.S. Black Congressional Caucus and over five billion USD backed the plan. Mr. Sansaricq was approached by Bill Richardson, a Clinton’s surrogate, who pressured him to back the plan; he unequivocally told him not to do it.  Weeks later, he received a call from a person in the U.S. Embassy and the message was clear: ‘back the plan and join our side and you will be the richest man in Haiti.’ He told them to go to hell.  One week later, the State Dept. revoked his U.S. visa because “he was not supporting democracy in Haiti.” (It would take 8 years for it to be reinstated.)

The Clinton administration ordered troops on the ground in Haiti and the invasion was taken to another level.  Aristide’s henchmen were ruthless, and Mr. Sansaricq related a story of a young 28 year old female attorney who was murdered in the process as well as other innocents.  Mr. Sansaricq, who survived one assassination attempt, was advised by a high level government official and confidant in the Dominican Republic to leave immediately, or he would be killed.

The Aristide-Clinton drug connection was a pathway for hard drugs and cocaine to enter the U.S. with the support of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar.  (Some estimates were that over $20 million a month was trafficked through Haiti while the U.S.G. turned a blind eye and exported death to American youth.)

The pillage of Haiti was further underway after the 2010 earthquake, with over 300,000 people dead and 2 million people left homeless.  The Clinton “Con Game” began through the I.H.R.C, Interim Haiti Recovery Commission. Using her position as Secretary of State, Hillary devoted her efforts to the Haitian recovery and The Clinton Foundation led the fund-raising efforts for relief in this poor, third world country.

Bill Clinton had long been perceived as the ‘shadow governor of Haiti,’ and the Clintons were the power brokers in the Haiti relief effort, and if you wanted to do business in Haiti, you needed to have a relationship with The Clintons.  The hidden truth is that Haiti has a wealth of hidden resources such as gold and oil.  The VCS Mining Company received a gold permit and after the permit was issued, VCS put Hillary’s brother, Tony Rodham in charge.  The global communications provider, Digicel, run by Clinton Foundation contributor, O’Brien made millions in revenues.  Caracol Industrial Park, a $300 million investment the Clinton State Dept. claimed would produce 65,000 jobs never met that goal and the anchor tenant is a Korean manufacturer and Clinton Foundation supporter. The list of corporate donors involved in the Clinton scheme in Haiti runs deep.

The Clinton control of this small, destitute island has spanned over two decades.  Despite the relief efforts after the 2010 earthquake that left over 2 million people homeless, modest reconstruction has surfaced for the people of Haiti; many people are still living in tents with no running water.  However, the construction of corporate parks and enterprises abound. It is just another chapter for the Clintons in their ‘pay for play’ enterprise extracting riches for themselves and benefitting their donors.  The people of Haiti are still wondering where the millions in relief funds went.

Footnote:  In closing Mr. Sansaricq expressed outrage at what the Clintons had done to his country and told the group that Mr. Trump needed to hear his story. Apparently his wish was granted, within four days, this writer was contacted by Mr. Sansaricq and he said that Mr. Trump was having a rally in Miami and he was asked by a Trump official to meet with him and two other former Haitian officials for a roundtable discussion!

A Clip of the meeting:

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  1. Dora G
    Dora G says:

    We have known about the dollars stolen from the Haiti earthquake relief. Dollars clintons begged for the help the Haitians. This money never reached those in need.
    Another terrible wrong the clintons have done…among many.

    • Larry Franklin
      Larry Franklin says:

      What an incredible steaming load of crap!

      Aristide was elected by a 67% majority in 1991. He was nearly murdered in a coup led by General Raoul Cedras, who then established a junta dictatorship.

      The Sanctions against Haiti began that same year under Bush Sr, who demanded Raoul step down.

      Clinton continued the sanctions until he got authorization
      to act from the UN in 1994.
      The “coup” Mr. Sansaricq refers to was United Nations Security Council Resolution 940 which removed the junta dictatorship, and returned Aristide, the duly elected President of Haiti.

      Furthermore, it was the Haiti Reconstruction Fund, NOT the Haiti Recovery Commission who handled all the international donations for relief. As you can see by their website, they were established by the UN and the world bank in March of 2010.
      The world bank’s International Development Association are it’s trustees, and it is chaired by the Haitian government, who sets it’s priorities, and distributes it’s funds. Neither Clinton ever had any access to – or control of – the funds they supposedly stole, diverted, or awarded to favored contractors.

      The simple fact is that Bernard Sansaricq is flat out lying with every breath he can muster.


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