Hey Office Holders — Do Your Job!

Okay, here we go again.  More Islamic terrorist goons have seized upon the weakness displayed even in the highest levels of the government.  Those committing Islamic terrorist attacks against Americans are simply taking advantage of what has been given to them over the past almost eight years.  It’s like a football team taking what the defense gives them and if unchecked will score.  Yes, these recent attacks were by those already living in the United States.  Either through birth or allowed in by the government.  They were most likely recruited via the internet before traveling abroad for further indoctrination against our republic.

Of course many young Americans today are easily recruited because, (thanks but no thanks) over the past four decades, American schools, colleges and universities have been systematically indoctrinating students against our nation and all of the good aspects of our way of life.  In addition, the moral based lessons concerning right and wrong have been abolished along with proper teachings concerning the blessings of capitalism.  Equally wrong has been the total purposeful neglect of instructing students about our Constitution, Bill of Rights, the Federalist Papers, Blacks Law, the Magna Carta and even their great state constitutions.  So, if you don’t know your rights, you don’t have any.

It is America’s self-induced ignorance which has led to chronic weakness, thus opening the door to and encouraging those who wish to do us deadly harm.

The Obama administration has willfully refused to properly identify those that have helped to embolden the Islamic enemies of our republic who are acting on their bigoted based hatred of us.  It is also a shame when millions of Americans display more disdain against those of us who express strong opinions and observations concerning terrorism, than against those Islamists who would rape, kill, steal from and destroy both you and I if given the chance.

Such stupidity can only be remedied in the long run, by a complete overhaul of our nation’s school system.  It must be placed back into local and state control in order to eliminate the need for the Department of Education.  That horrid entity has become the world’s largest waster of both young minds and money.  One cannot defeat an enemy they refuse to properly identify and fight to overcome.

But despite the wretched offerings of the Obama regime and evil mission of Mrs. Clinton to continue the awful legacy of the White House occupier, I believe that America will soon arise from her current state of impairment.  I have faith she will soon return to the One who shed His grace upon our republic and seek His providential guidance.  Then America will once again be the land of the free and home of the brave.  But while we hopefully turn to God on behalf of our nation, we must also keep up with whatever madness the Obama administration is doing or not doing in regards to the protection of America.

We all know that Obama almost foams at the mouth at the mere mention of protecting the United States from invading illegal immigrants.  He and all of his progressive democrats and rino republicans have stated that Trump cannot build a wall for our southern border.  To be honest, many among academe and activist groups have completely lost their grasp on common sense, rational thinking and putting America first.  That is why I was not shocked when I read what I am sure is a tongue and cheek article in Financial Times which details how in 2015 Mexico deported 175.000 Central Americans from that nation after they strolled in illegally.

The humorous article also stated that Obama was against illegal immigration into Mexico, so much so that he has given $75 million U.S. tax dollars to that nation to help pay for a wall on the Mexican southern border.  Now we all know that the same president who was willing to take Arizona to court for wanting to protect Arizonans from being brutalized by illegal immigrants streaming into our republic, couldn’t be helping another nation build a wall, right? The truth is, in this country, Obama does want illegal immigrants, Muslim refugees, even the diseased ones to pile into America and bring about a horrendous change.

So when you hear Obama, Mrs. Clinton, Black uncle Remus democrat types and others calling Donald Trump a bigot or xenophobe for wanting to build a wall on our southern border, watch out.  Because you are witnessing well paid traitors who want to overrun our society with problems like illegal immigration in order to weaken America for globalization.  If America is to be protected, reinvigorated and restored to greatness, “We the People” who pay the salaries of government officials must demand in masse they live up to their responsibility of protecting our republic.

Besides, no one forced politicians to run for office. If they cannot or will not do their job of protecting America, then their cushiony elected position should not be protected.  In the private sector, if someone refuses to do their job for thirty days, they are sent packing.  Thus it is immoral that many career politicians who have refused to support efforts to properly protect our borders are still allowed to hold political power.  Many of them have shown preference toward illegal immigrants, American and liberty hating Islamic refugees who will brutalize any community they live in when they reach a certain percent of the population, just like their brethren do in Europe. It’s either put up or shut up time for those elected to positions of responsibility in America.  It’s also wake up or don’t blame anyone but the person in the mirror time for “We the People.”

The choice you make on election day could determine if our republic will ever be great again or permanently on the slippery slope to oblivion.

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