Main Stream Press hands first debate to Trump?

No one was shocked when CNN (Clinton News Network) proclaimed Hillary Clinton the landslide victor of the first 2016 Presidential debate from Hofstra University in New York. At least CNN was honest enough to admit that their sampling was heavily weighted towards liberal viewers. That’s the most honest statement on CNN in decades. The only network in agreement is Lester Holt’s employer and debate host network NBC.

But the snap-polling results from nearly every other “main stream” news outlet were shocking, to say the least.

TIME MAGAZINE              TRUMP 58% – CLINTON 42%

CBS NEW YORK                 TRUMP 58% – CLINTON 42%

FOX 5                                     TRUMP 61% – CLINTON 33%

WCPO Cincinnati                 TRUMP 60% – CLINTON 35%

SAN DIEGO TRIB                TRUMP 60% – CLINTON 34%


VEGAS SUN                          TRUMP 81% – CLINTON 19%


VARIETY MAG                    TRUMP 51% – CLINTON 48%

PIX                                         TRUMP 54% – CLINTON 41%

NEW JERSEY.COM           TRUMP 53% – CLINTON 41%

MICHIGAN LIVE                TRUMP 52% – CLINTON 47%

FORTUNE MAG                 TRUMP 51% – CLINTON 49%

CNBC                                     TRUMP 51% – CLINTON 49%

BREITBART                         TRUMP 76% – CLINTON 24%

DRUDGE                              TRUMP 81% – CLINTON 18%

Now, as a lifelong hardcore terminal conservative capitalist who has spent over 20 years writing about the crimes, corruption and treason of career criminals like Hillary and her sexual predator husband Bill, I personally wanted to see Hillary dragged off the stage by her heels as her head bounced down the staircase.

Instead, what I saw was the typically nasty Clinton taking unfounded and unchallenged personal pot shots at Trump while Trump had clearly followed advice to hold the high ground, even making sure that he was referring to Hillary in an acceptable form as Madam Secretary, sort of like addressing Queen Elizabeth or Chairman Mao.

No, the knock out I had personally hoped to see just wasn’t there. So, how do I interpret the amazing snap-poll data above, wherein every major news outlet except CNN and NBC conceded the debate to, as Hillary calls him with great disrespect and disregard, “Donald?”

I spoke with a number of viewers this morning to glean some sense of the polling results, which seemed at odds with my own personal assessment of Trump’s performance.

In my view, Trump neither helped nor harmed himself in the first debate, and maybe that was the goal. It was almost (I said almost) like watching milquetoast Mitt all over again. But clearly, in poll after poll, others saw the event quite differently.

Was something happening here that I missed?

Drudge, Breitbart and Fox affiliate polls were easily anticipated as news outlets that enjoy the support of a conservative leaning audience. But the rest are absolutely shocking, especially known left leaning publications like TIME, San Diego Tribune and the Washington Times.

What is causing all of these polls to proclaim Trump the winner of a somewhat lack-luster debate?

In speaking with a number of viewers this morning, who are not political writers or activists, what I learned was quite interesting.

From the females I spoke with, Trumps refusal to dive into the gutter with Hillary and return personal attacks against her family in like kind to Hillary’s personal attacks, made Trump more “likeable” among women. He needed that!

Let’s face it… despite Hillary being the “first woman presidential candidate in history,” most American women have known that Hillary is not at all pro-women, ever since she verbally abused and assaulted countless women who accused her husband of sexual assault and rape since his college years. No one has ever treated women worse than Hillary Clinton, over forty years of defending her sexual predator husband’s bad behaviors.

So Hillary’s false accusations about Trump treating women poorly fell on the deaf ears of women across the country who had heard Hillary attack woman after woman, every time her husband was caught in another sexual tryst.

As for the men I spoke with, Trump’s point about Hillary making the same promises for thirty years in politics without ever keeping even one of those promises, rang true and relevant. It is a fact that Hillary Clinton has been using the same political talking points for thirty years now, without ever delivering on any of the promises made as a lifelong political operator.

Then I spoke to a few from the black community… who know that what Trump is saying about the Democrat Party as a whole failing the black community, is also true, and they are sick of hearing the same old promises from Democrats. So once again, Hillary’s efforts to appear concerned about them also fell on deaf ears.

So maybe I was wrong… Maybe Trump didn’t need to bludgeon Clinton into dust in order to win the first debate. Maybe he just needed to let Hillary act like the mean-spirited conniving liar she is, while he simply stayed on his message of ridding this nation of all career politicos who are just like her.

Maybe Trump’s number one job in the first debate was to become “likeable” rather than provide the anti-Trump media with more ammunition to paint him as “unlikeable.”

In the end, the snap polls tell the story…

When even lifelong Democrats like Andrew Stein cross the aisle to support Trump, something magical is happening. Maybe all of those millions of pro-American prayers for a new way forward in America are being answered… and maybe, the Clinton Dynasty is collapsing right under Hillary and her adoring press.

Stay tuned for my next column – Fact Checking Lester Holt!

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