Why do bishops back racist politicians?

Many of the most vocal bishops in the United States when it comes to social justice issues are the same ones who support the Democrats, and even sometimes actually condemn the Republicans. Now that’s curious, given the way the Democratic Party has treated American blacks for the past hundred-plus years.

Democrats have passed laws and regulations resulting in the shattering of black families, creating a culture of near-complete dependency, leaving blacks to live in horrible conditions and denying them the right to send their children to good schools. Virtually every bad economic and social indicator you can point to — poverty rates, unemployment, fatherlessness, incarceration, drug use, shootings, murders, single-parent homes, education, welfare dependency, abortion rates — every single one of them impacts blacks in America more than any other demographic.

Under America’s first black president, those conditions have all grown substantially worse. Not excusing it, but it’s not difficult to understand the rage felt by black Americans when things like police shootings happen. They provide, usually incorrectly, a focal point for the rage to be released. Blacks in America feel hopeless because they have been betrayed — and they should feel that way — betrayed not just by “structures” and “racism,” but by the very people, the individuals, who keep these conditions of poverty and hopelessness alive for them — leaders like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, who only care about their own wealth and fame.

Jesse Jackson is worth $10,000,000, which he has made on the backs of fellow blacks. Al Sharpton has amassed at least $5,000,000 of his own working with and for Jesse. These two men are used by the Democrats to be spokesmen for keeping racial tensions alive that the Dems can later exploit. They have gotten rich off the poverty of other blacks and black ministers in the inner-city ghettos who are courted by two-faced Democrats to keep their flocks voting in favor of them, because they are on “their side.” Meanwhile, the ministers grow fat and are taken care of.

That blacks would continue to vote for a party whose policies continue to kill them, incarcerate them, keep them mired in poverty and joblessness, is a testament to just how cunning Democrats are and traitorous their leadership is. These same Democrats funnel money to various charities of the Catholic Church, which pretend to use the money to end the “root causes” of poverty, but in reality are used to build up the status quo establishment, which is long on promises and short on results.

Blacks aren’t inherently stupid or prone to violence or anything of the kind. They have just been taught that way by being trapped in an education system that gives them no hope of being freed from poverty. Much of the culture has been stripped of its wonderful spiritual heritage and had it replaced with absent fathers and the resulting hate and rage and guns and prisons.

Trump is right to expose this rottenness for what it is. And Hillary is evil for continuing it. Why should blacks feel an affinity, almost a requirement, to vote for Democrats? When people like George Soros direct millions into groups like Black Lives Matter, which stoke the flames of racism, why don’t blacks and the U.S. bishops stand arm in arm and say, “Yes, Black Lives do matter — all black lives, including the hundreds of thousands destroyed by Planned Parenthood every year”?

Planned Parenthood is practically an extension of the Hillary campaign. Hillary accepted an award from the group last year named after one of the most anti-black, bigoted women in U.S. history, Margaret Sanger. She detested blacks. She was the first back in the 1930s and 40s to dupe black ministers and have them preach her disguised racist evil as a “good” for black America — and Hillary praises this woman.

The Democrats are wolves in sheep’s clothing to the black community, and some black leaders are looking around at the devastation in their own neighborhoods and realizing the truth. Yet there are the American bishops, many of them completely in the tank for the Democrats, pretending it’s all about social justice. Puh-Lease.

It’s about keeping your institution’s coffers well greased — either that or they truly are incredibly ignorant of how politics really works, which is a little hard to swallow. Almost the entire staff of the U.S. bishops’ conference in Washington, D.C. is staffed with Democratic racists or money-hungry deniers.

And yes, you heard that right, Democrats are racists. They kill babies — black babies — at a greater proportion to their population than any group, and Hispanic babies being murdered are right behind that. Can’t have too many of those dark-skinned people around now, can we? But every four years they will appear as the saviors, the messiahs, preaching from the pulpits of black congregations decrying their opponents as racists.

The social-justice wing of the Catholic Church — some bishops and staff — will applaud and stamp their feet doing their happy dance in support. Dems will win, and the poverty, killings and hopelessness go on for another four years, growing worse. Shampoo, rinse, repeat.

Almost nowhere in the American hierarchy do you ever hear any reservations or condemnations about voting for Democrats and their phony “social justice” agenda. These Dems get elected, stack the courts and deprive religion of its God-given rights, as well as black babies and black families, of their lives and dignity.

Ah, but they will knock each other over rushing to the pulpit to decry immigration policies that they claim are against Catholic teaching — which they are not. Why do Catholic bishops have such a love affair with a party that hates blacks, hates black babies, foments racial tensions and keeps an entire class of people trapped and mired in poverty?

It’s a good question, and it needs to be asked, like so many other questions need to be asked.

EDITORS NOTE: Originally published at ChurchMilitant.com.

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  1. Mike Nelis
    Mike Nelis says:

    Thank you, Rich, for dedicating the time and talent to address such a sensitive subject, doing it with honesty and integrity. May the living Lord deal with those who peddle this enslavement and deception. May we all witness that judgement very soon!


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