Media Bias Makes Him Stronger

Teflon Donald has come out swinging against all those who are the enemies of America. The list includes the media, Hillary supporters, the Democratic Party and those Republicans, like Paul Ryan, who are weak kneed.

Kenneth Timmerman in his “Memo to all weak-kneed Republicans: Get a grip” writes:

Any Republican with an ounce of political savvy should understand that Hillary’s playbook is all about impugning Donald Trump’s character. That is all she’s got. Because if she ran on the issues — her secret endorsement of open borders, for example – she would go down in flames.

It’s time our party got a collective grip on itself.

[ … ]

Have you forgotten why the Tea Party exploded onto the political scene in 2010, and why Donald Trump succeeded in roundly defeating 16 highly-qualified and highly-skilled Republican opponents in the primary?

A movement has sprung up in this country, and the political elites are terrified that it will succeed in pushing the eject button on their cozy Party of Big Government that has ruled, raped, and destroyed this country for too long.

The Selous Foundation’s Cliff Kincaid in his column “Media Bias Makes Him Stronger” noted:

When the media went with the recording of Donald J. Trump’s dirty talk about women, the result was predictable. Some terrified Republicans abandoned ship. But the ship was not sinking. Trump used the personal attacks as fuel for a counter-offensive that had the media—and Hillary—reeling.

[ … ]

The Republicans who abandoned Trump were victims, in a sense, as well. They had gotten scared in the face of a carefully orchestrated attack using a major liberal media organ, the Washington Post. They figured that the only way out, in order to stay on the side of the media, was to dump Trump. But Trump’s aggressive performance in the debate means that the “self-righteous” Republicans who abandoned him are going to suffer even more. Trump supporters turned on Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan after he disinvited Trump from a Wisconsin GOP event. Rep. Joe Heck, a Republican running for an open Senate seat in Nevada, was booed at a rally when he announced he would no longer back Trump’s campaign.

Ryan may survive in his race, since he has a safe Republican seat, but other Republicans who turned their backs on Trump because of the 11-year-old videotape could experience the Trump Train leaving them behind on the way to victory in November.

Kincaid concludes:

Going forward, Trump will have to add to his list of adversaries the cowardly Republicans who would rather please the media than expose corruption in the political process. The evidence indicates that he is prepared to run over them as well.

Win or lose, Trump will emerge as the leader of a new Republican Party that no longer brown-noses the liberal media elites.

This struggle is to restore America. Make America Great Again is not just a slogan. It is an insurgency against those who would define the future against us rather than for us, the American people.

Cast your vote accordingly.


Cliff Kincaid is the Director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism. He is also a contributor to SFPPR News & Analysis.

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