WARNING: The Russian Connection, Part II

Taking Crimea was the usual behavior of an aggressor who senses the absence of punishment. Russia has never stopped its aggressive, criminal behavior since the Socialist coup date in Russia, 1917. After the Reagan presidency Russia resumed its behavior, something I have written and reported on for the last twenty-five years, while our media kept largely silent on such matters, practically withdrawing from the discussion and depriving Americans of the strange, tragic events within the Putin administration.

This lack of knowledge was the primary reason the news from Moscow was misinterpreted—causation and linkage to past behaviors had been lost in the minds of middle class Americans. Yet the killing of innocents, war crimes, and the destruction of the land continued globally for all those years, without a proper definition of the ideology, causing suffering and grief to millions… Knowledge is power, please read my latest articles about the Clinton mafia at DrRichSwier.com

Though that time was lost, the situation has changed dramatically lately in direction of my ideas. Today Stratfor is confirming Russia’s aggressive actions in the Middle East to extend of its Globalization agenda (KGB’s policy of the early 1990s –research on this is reported in my books during those twenty-five years.):

Russia Strives to Cover Its Bases, Stratfor, October 14, 2016

“Moscow is looking to extend its global military reach through basing rights. The intent behind these explorations is fairly straightforward: When locked in a multi-theater confrontation with the United States, what better way for the Russian bear to trample the U.S. security umbrella than with a growing military footprint? “

Stratfor is not alone, James Lewis echoing it and posing questions:  

What’s Putin’s big worry? By James Lewis, October 14, 2016

“Vladimir Putin is putting up spectacular aggressive displays these days, making near-miss air attacks on our recon planes, expanding his military bases in Syria and Iran, and probably helping the Yemeni Houthis launch cruise missiles perilously close to our naval vessels in the Straits of Hormuz.

Putin is strategic in his thinking, and a lot of his anti-American posing is phony, simply because the West poses no genuine threat to Mother Russia.  Certainly not compared to jihad.  The question is, therefore, why Putin is stirring up the biggest post-Soviet fuss ever?  What does he stand to gain from Western scare headlines?”

The recent headlines talk Russia and its meddling in our election should not be surprising. The fact of the matter is that Russia’s aggressive posture is attempts to overwhelm all aspects of human lives—it is a Global War for power of the Mafia-State of Stalinism against Capitalism and Western civilization. The war resurrects all of Stalin’s methods, tricks, and devices that are so familiar to all former citizens of the socialist states. They have been given a foothold in America. I have to remind you again the view of a man who told us how the KGB trained Tsarnaev Brother for all six months of his stay in Russia before returning to Boston and committing the terrorist act, Andrey Piontkovsky. He is talking about the establishment of the mafia-state in Russia:

  “…it has become painfully obvious that the USSR’s policy of perestroika had a clear agenda: The Communist Party and the KGB nomenclature would seek to convert its collective and total political power into huge private fortunes for members of the nomenclature. They did so by tailoring the mafia state to their needs, which was deprived of any market-economy institutions, and, most important, of private property as its foundation.” 

We misinterpreted the negative consequences of the word “perestroika” while Russia was developing the mafia-state government and the ideology of Putinism, I called Soviet fascism.

As you know, I suspect that the same transformation is going on in America for, at least, the last eight years, with our obvious withdrawal from the world stage. Russia’s meddling with our election process was obvious when McGovern ran for president in 1972. The attempt has never ended. Yet, today we are witnessing in the WikiLeaks emails a long-term real collaboration of top Democrats with Russia—watch Podesta, a chief-perpetrator of fraud. The top Democrats also colluded with the FBI and DOJ–the fix is in! Do you remember Bill’s meeting with Loretta Lynch in the airport? Doesn’t it remind you of the Mafia-State in America established by the leftist Democrats that I am writing about? Here is some confirmation:

 Top Democrats Call on FBI to Investigate Trump Ties to Russia Over Hacking

“Top Democrats on four House committees that oversee national security on Friday called on the FBI to investigate Donald Trump’s purported ties to the Russian government and its alleged hacking of Democratic groups and operatives.” NBC News by Alex Seitz-Wald, October 14, 2016. It is important, in this respect to remind you also the warning of Alan West about “seventy Socialists in our Congress.” Just listen to what they are talking about and you will realize the “work” of the Clinton mafia.

The Russian Connection was a subject of my preceding columns for this particular reason, my warning you that knowledge of the KGB modus operandi is a must. Let me demonstrate another trick–Stalinist character assassination of political opponents. As you know nobody ever suspected John McCain of womanizing, but the Democrats dug up a case to compromise the Senator. The same happened to Romney. In addition to that, ironically, Romney stopped developing a critical subject showing Russia as a real “foe No. 1” on the second debate. Both Republicans lost.

Stalinist method of character assassination is known to the historians and this exact method of personal destruction has presented plenty of opportunities to the Democrats, armed with the KGB playbook. Trump is a business man in several businesses revolving around women—his remarks about women are expected. We live in the 21st century America, where the vulgarity of Jerry Springer and the KGB playbook together can achieve a great deal against Trump. And it did–Trump lost weeks defending himself, and now the accusations are snowballing—the Clinton mafia never sleeps. Trump was right; our election is rugged, yet his response surprised me—he didn’t recognize the KGB playbook and has been drowning in the endless trap used by the Clinton mafia, to divert our attention from their criminal behavior.

Now Trump must go to the heart of the matter, to show the existential threat of Hillary’s presidency, and current Democrat Party. The case against Hillary Clinton and the Clinton mafia should be prosecuted with the knowledge of the Russian Mafia-State and its similarity to today’s America. Due to the radical developments within the Democrat Party for the last 4-5 decades, today the issue is not only Russian interference to our election, it is the cooperation of top Democrats with Russia to prevent the Trump presidency. This time the intent is clear. Democrat strategy has embraced the entire America’s fifth column: the Clinton mafia, the media, George Soros and 187 groups sponsored by him, are using Political Correctness to fool and corrupt the ill-informed citizens of America at the time when the “train is going off the cliff.”

Hillary is a vessel of the Clinton mafia to obtain the presidency. Therefore the information revealed by WikiLeaks correspondence within the top Democrats should be his main target, as it proves their connection and collaboration with Russia. Remember the Obama/Putin joint venture: Benghazi and bin-Laden’s murder as their joint operations, described in Socialist Lies: From Stalin to the Clintons, Obama, and Sanders. This is the crux of the matter for Tramp during the last weeks before the election–“our train is going off the cliff.” Ben Carson is right.

Report: Putin Possibly Readying for World War, Recalling Russians to Motherland

By Greg Richter   |   Thursday, 13 Oct 2016
Breaking News at Newsmax.com

“Russian President Vladimir Putin could be prepping for a new world war as relations with the United States and other Western countries continue to disintegrate, according to a reported in The New York Post and other media. Putin has reportedly ordered top Russian officials, politicians and their children across the world demanding that they return to the Motherland, the Beirut-based Daily Star claimed.”

The recent crises within America and the world is clear to all. Trump has an agenda to ignore and free himself from the swamp of accusations and to introduce in the third debate the main and crucial topic-narrative of the discussion: “Our train is going off the cliff” and Hillary’s presidency will accelerate its downfall…

To be continued at www.simonapipko1.com.

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