VIDEO: Trump Backs Term Limits for Congress

Donald Trump just endorsed passing a constitutional amendment slapping Term Limits on Congress.  He’s now the second presidential candidate to endorse U.S. Term Limits’s ultimate goal.

“Not only will it end government corruption, but it will end the economic stagnation in our country,” he just announced.

We have the momentum.  Lobbying for Term Limits to be included in the presidential debates has paid on off massively.  Term Limits and our push for the Term Limits convention will get more attention than ever.

And, if you haven’t already, please sign the National Term Limits Amendment petition by clicking here.

We need as many Americans to publicly support Term Limis as possible.  We are battling state by state to call for the Term Limits Convention.  Every signer counts!

Finally, please feel free to forward this column and the links to this important national petition to everyone you know!

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