Top Ten ‘Hillary Weiner Selfie’ Captions

On October 30th we decided to allow our readers to submit their very own caption to the above photo of Hillary Clinton and Anthony Weiner taking selfies of themselves.

We asked:

It seems that no matter what Hillary does Anthony Weiner keep popping up, no pun intended. Will Anthony get off on Hillary’s servers, no pun intended?

Should Hillary or Huma have scrubbed off Anthony’s lap top, no pun intended?

Is it time to BleachBit both Anthony and Hillary?

Well our reader responded and here are the top ten Hillary Weiner Selfie captions:

  1. I never had sexting with that woman!
  2. Define classified
  3. Selfie Queens
  4. It’s all Trumps fault!
  5. New York, New York one hell of a town – One minute you’re up the next minute down
  6. The messenger keeps cummin
  7. The Shrill of Victory and the Anthony of Defeat
  8. I’m with you! Am I your favorite Weiner?
  9. Wow that is Poll I want to be on top of!
  10. Witch one has the Weiner they both wear pants?

Honorable mentions:

  1. Hillary Sacked by Huma’s Weiner
  2. Huma never had sex with that man!
  3. Oscar Meyer has nothing on you Anthony!

I want to thank our readers for their levity and taking the time to submit their selfie captions.

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