Paul Ryan just asked for help to pass Congressional Term Limits

This is just days after President-Elect Trump declared on 60 Minutes that he wanted to “drain the swamp” in D.C. by passing Term Limits.

This is all good news.

However,  Speaker Ryan also said he needed help.  He said he wants the House Judiciary Committee to put the Term Limits bill together.  And they will need USTL’s help to do that.

Just because Speaker Ryan or even President-Elect Trump want Term Limits doesn’t mean the rest of the Congress will go along.

The professional politicians HATE Term Limits.

However, we have to try!

That’s why I need your help now more than ever.

We need to make sure than any Term Limits bill in the House is a real one.  Not a phony Term Limits measure that gives the professional politicians cover back home.

Then we need to rally the American people behind this bill.

I expect we will have President Trump on our side in this fight.  But it’s going to be very, very tough.

The American people are going to have to rally like never before.  And U.S. Term Limits will have to lead the charge!

Simply getting a vote on a real Term Limits amendment in the House will help us secure support for the Term Limits Convention in the states.

Actually convincing the House to pass it would rock the country!

So, we need to move quickly.  This is a golden opportunity.

Please give anything you can to this emergency effort.

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