PODCAST: Trump’s Cabinet and the World He’s Inheriting from Obama

This week, Trump made two critically important picks for his Cabinet: James “Mad Dog” Mattis at Defense, and Steve Mnuchin at Treasury. In Mattis, the United States will have a highly decorated, recently retired four star Marine general heading the Pentagon. Although he will require an exemption from Congress to take office (rules stipulate that Defense Secretaries be out of active service for at least seven years), this brilliant warrior is uniquely qualified to rebuild the United States Armed Forces.

With Steve Mnuchin, Trump has selected one of the finest financial minds in the world today. Best luck to Mnuchin – he has a $20 trillion hole to plug. This banker/entrepreneur is has one of the toughest jobs in the history of finance. We wish him good fortune!

We’ll also take you on a tour of the world today, especially Europe and the Middle East, and analyze the dramatically changed world that Trump will inherit from Obama.

Today’s topics for discussion:

  • “Mad Dog” Mattis and Steve Mnuchin
  • Trump’s Middle East challenges
  • Europe’s evolving political landscape and tilt to the right
  • Carrier and the Art of the Deal
  • Carter urges recognition of Palestine

and more…

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