Jimmy Carter Madness

For well over forty years former president Jimmy Carter has been on a mad man mission to assist in bringing harm to the sovereign nation of Israel. His latest effort was recently on full display in an editorial for the progressive New York Times. In that column, he publicly called for president Obama to divide the land of Israel. Despite the fact that those who call themselves Palestinians have no legal, just, or logical claim to even a speck of dust in Israel, Carter has been hankering to carve up Israel for her enemies for decades.

Carter has been urging Obama to support a UN Security Council resolution that would set forth so-called firm parameters for resolving the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians who simply want to take Israel’s land.

According to UN officials, such a Security Council resolution would be considered legally binding on the Israelis and the Palestinians. Carter gleefully stated that the Trump administration would not be able to undo such a resolution once it had been passed. That is because it would take another vote of the UN Security Council to revoke the resolution once it was passed and that would not happen. I think the UN Security Council could be persuaded to change their little minds, if need be by the threat of a USA financial boycott. Remember it is the massive and foolish U.S. payments to the UN that keeps it afloat.

Up until now the only thing standing in the way of a United Nation land grab from Israel was the United States Security Council veto power. There have already been hints that president Obama most likely will refuse to exercise that veto power if a “parameters resolution” is put up for a vote before he leaves office. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that Mr. Obama does not highly regard Israel or it’s sovereignty any more than he does the United States of America.

An article in Christian Patriots illustrates the three main pillars of such a brutal resolution.

  1. It would give formal UN Security Council recognition to a Palestinian state for the very first time.
  2. It would grant East Jerusalem to the Palestinians as the capital of their new state.
  3. It would establish the 1967 cease fire lines as the basis for final negotiations for borders between the two states.

I find such a resolution to be disgusting. First of all, the last time I checked the nation of Israel is sovereign and has a right to exist with the invasion of UN sponsored “Palestinians” who wish death to Israel. Israel is a beacon of light surrounded by over a billion Muslims waiting to wipe her out.

Now former president Carter wants the Palestinians who are welcomed in any Muslim nation to barge in on the Israelis and take half of Jerusalem for their capital. Through the years, Jimmy Carter has become increasingly one sided and hateful toward Israel in his berating rants. When one remembers the daily missile attacks and other Islamic terrorist threats Israel has been putting up with over the years it is a miracle she is still patiently trying to get along with those abusive Islamic neighbors. Yet progressive bigots like Jimmy Carter want one of the smallest nations on earth to give up their territory to a gaggle of goons, who only bring societal and infrastructure destruction wherever they settle. A significant number of progressive European governments are in on the deviant act of suppressing Israel. They are talking with Obama administration officials, urging them to take some kind of action on the Israeli, Palestinian conflict in the waning days of the current presidency.

It is my sincere prayer that Obama’s bigoted based mission to divide Israel fails miserably. Besides, the Palestinians are nothing more than political pawns being pimped by the many Islamic states that refuse to welcome them in to live. For Obama to seek the dividing of the historic city of Jerusalem is wrong and if enacted will prove to be a blunder of historic proportions, that would not bode well for our republic. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem and protection from her enemies who are also haters of America.

God bless America with the wisdom not to bring harm to our greatest ally, Israel.


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