Guess who’s blocking Congressional Term Limits — can you say Mitch?

A term limits amendment is about to be introduced in the U.S. House and Senate.

The Hill reports:

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) say they want to help President-elect Donald Trump “drain the swamp” by imposing congressional term limits.

The two conservative lawmakers said in a Washington Post op-ed Friday they plan to introduce a constitutional amendment next month to limit members of Congress to three terms in the House and two in the Senate.

[ … ]

“We believe that the rise of political careerism in modern Washington is a drastic departure from what the founders intended of our federal governing bodies. To effectively ‘drain the swamp,’ we believe it is past time to enact term limits for Congress,” Cruz and DeSantis wrote.

The pair argues that imposing term limits would help prevent stagnation on Capitol Hill.

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But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is promising to block any floor vote on term limits.

We’ve made incredible progress with our “two-track” strategy for slapping term limits on Congress.

The President-elect of the United States is on board. 

We have teams of staffers and volunteers in the states working overtime to pass the Term Limits Convention legislation in 34 states.

House Speaker Paul Ryan supports term limits and has asked for help passing legislation through the House.

Over 80% of Americans now support term limits.

Even Jeb Bush says he now supports convening the Term Limits Convention!

We’ve never been closer to imposing term limits on Congress.

But the Mitch McConnell and scores of other professional politicians are still standing in our way.

Just because Speaker Ryan or even President-Elect Trump want term limits doesn’t mean the rest of the Congress will go along. Just because the American people want term limits doesn’t mean Mitch McConnell won’t keep blocking our legislation.

Please help us redouble our efforts to pass term limits.

As I just mentioned, our term limits legislation is about to be introduced in both houses of Congress. We need to make sure our legislation isn’t changed or modified into a phony term limits measure that gives the professional politicians cover back home.

Then we need to rally the American people behind this bill. Please give anything you can to this emergency effort. We need to flood Capitol Hill and the targeted state capitals with petitions. We need to promote term limits nationwide. We need more ads and rallies and press events.

We can do this. But we must bulldoze right over the professional politicians like Mitch McConnell to get a vote on term limits.


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EDITORS NOTE: Those who wish to “Drain the Swamp” may support Congressional Term Limits by donating here.

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