The DNC has been planning to play the Russia Card since April, 2016

The media has fanned the fake news flames that Russia has stolen the 2016 election and is responsible for electing Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States.

Since then certain establishment Democrats and Republicans have jumped on board the “Russia stole the election from Hillary” bandwagon.

A leaked Democratic National Committee email shows that this strategy of blame it on Russia was planned and is now being executed with the help of the legacy media.

Here is the email stating, “[T]he pro-Russia stuff ties in pretty well to the idea that Trump is too friendly with Putin/weak on Russia”:


In the column “Julian Assange associate: It was a leak, not a hack and the DNC insider is NOT Russian”  from BizPac Review reports:

A hole has been blown in the Democratic Party, and mainstream media’s narrative, that Russia was behind the leak of DNC emails to Wikileaks.

On Sunday, a former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, said he has met the person who gave the DNC emails and it was not the Russians.

“I know who leaked them,” Murray told The Guardian. “I’ve met the person who leaked them, and they are certainly not Russian and it’s an insider. It’s a leak, not a hack; the two are different things.

Murray, who is a close associate of Wikileaks head Julian Assange, explained it further on his website.

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There are lies, damn lies and then there is fake news.

Fake news is the new propaganda spewed by the media for a political end, in this case to discredit the Trump administration.

So much for working together and giving Mr. Trump a chance to govern.


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8 replies
  1. Beth colvin
    Beth colvin says:

    As a child I lied but I went to bed and prayed I could stop….seems I couldn’t help myself. That all ended long ago. A white lie now & then to protect someone’s feelings might slip through. But deceit concocted to destroy others is an evil plot in need of professional help.

  2. Jack Dinsdale
    Jack Dinsdale says:

    His did the Russians get all those American patriots to fill the stadiums for Trump rallies? How did the Russians combat all the negative press coverage of Trump’s campaign? The most important question in my mind is what are the Russians doing with the uranium tha HITLARY sold them?

  3. George Fuller
    George Fuller says:

    Amazing we have survived as a nation for long with all the long knives out constantly trying to undermine the government…….treason is a term I think of…………


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