Trump national security advisor Gorka weakens the team

Donald Trump has the best intentions when he selected Lieutenant General Mike Flynn as a national security advisor. Based on my knowledge of Flynn I feel he would always guide Trump in the right direction in regards to Islamic based terrorism issues. It is well known that General Flynn would have his own team of advisors to assist him. One such advisor on his team is Sebastian Gorka. Gorka lately is brought onto Fox News for his input on Islamic terrorism matters. I have known Gorka for many years and although he has the credentials, he does not have the full awareness of Islam and/or he is intentionally misleading the American people.

There are only a handful of counterterrorism professionals who have stood up and without hiding behind political correctness have defined Islam correctly and who have identified the number one enemy of the United States. For readers who do not know how to correctly define Islam I will do so now:

“Islam is a political, economic, and military ideology that uses religion as a tool to achieve their ultimate goal, which is to establish an Islamic caliphate world wide and under sharia law. Islam is not peaceful, loving, assimilating, nor non violent, and has never been so since it’s birth by the pseudo prophet Mohammed over 1400 years ago. Islam is based on hate and violence and the Islamic ideology is dangerous. Islam is the number one enemy facing non Muslim countries and people throughout the world”.

We are at war with Islam and Sebastian Gorka does not agree with this fact. Gorka is a strong believer that Islam is peaceful and it is only because of the hijacking and kidnapping of Islam by a few extremist groups that Islam is giving a name that is distasteful.

If Trump is not informed by all of his national security advisors that America is at war with Islam itself, we will continue to be defeated by Islamic terrorist groups.

His team does not need placaters of Islam such as Gorka. Gorka is fine for Fox News because his belief of Islam being peaceful is exactly the same thought process O’Reilly, and Hannity have, as does the network itself. Mr. Trump is on the right path to fully understanding Islam, but listening to the false advise by Gorka will put him and our country at grave risk of being destroyed by this satanic ideology. Forward this email to many and stress the importance that to defeat Islamic based terrorism, we must fight and defeat Islam.

America is indeed at war with Islam.

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