Will we REALLY Drain the Swamp?

Once again, the leftists took another spanking on the 19th when their efforts to derail the Trump election via buying off Electors resulted in a net loss. In the end, Trump lost two “faithless” electoral votes and Hillary lost five, a net loss of five more Electors for Hillary and the Democrats.

The left still has no clue that it isn’t Donald J. Trump who “trumped” them in 2016, but rather the American people. The leftist counter-revolution to destroy America from within hit a brick wall in 2016, with the uprising of the traditionally silent majority, who had clearly had enough. Americans from all races, creeds and colors simply wanted America to be great again and they no longer bought the leftist lies.

On the 19th, one “faithless” Trump Elector voted for Ron Paul and another voted for John Kasich. The other 304 Electors kept their oath and confirmed the election of Donald J. Trump. But Hillary Clinton lost five electors on that day, three to Colin Powell, one to Bernie Sanders and another to Faith Spotted Eagle, leaving Hillary Clinton with 229 Electoral votes to Trumps 304.

The L.A. Times reports:

Indeed, instead of an uprising against Trump, the day’s voting was punctuated more by small, but persistent, gestures of Democratic discontent with Hillary Clinton. A handful of electors deserted her and a few more tried to but were deterred by state “faithless elector” laws. Some of the Democratic dissenters were supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who lost the primaries to Clinton but galvanized the party’s left wing. Others were backers of an abortive effort that had tried to recruit Democrats and Republicans to unite behind a third candidate other than Clinton or Trump.”

As the left and their complicit “fake news” press tries to blame everyone from Russia to Wikileaks for their devastating loss, they continue to lose even more support as more and more Americans defect from the “faithless” Democratic Party in a growing revolt. Hillary just can’t stop losing…

The snakes and gators in the swamp are in panic, as the incoming administration prepares to “drain the swamp.” But are the people REALLY ready to “drain the swamp?” Is Trump, or are Congressional Republicans really ready to drain the swamp?

I submit for consideration, that we can either pretend to drain the swamp, by symbolic gesture on hot special interest items that can only have a short-term effect, or we can actually drain the swamp, by hitting the key elements that keep the swamp in business.

In my opinion, there are three critical targets that are must hit targets if we are serious about draining the swamp once and for all. If we hit all three, we can drain the swamp. But if we don’t hit all three, we will only pretend to drain the swamp.


  1. The Article II natural born Citizen clause must be enforced and violators must be investigated and prosecuted. Evidence now proves that the entire Obama Administration was based upon fraud. That fraud, left standing, makes it impossible to protect the Oval Office from foreign invasion and occupation. We cannot drain the swamp so long as this remains the case. Barack Hussein Obama and his fellow criminals must be held fully accountable for that fraud, or the Oval Office is unprotected. (SEE P-I and P-II on NBC) – Congress must immediately open this investigation!
  2. The arrest and prosecution of George Soros, and the seizing of all assets and organizations funded by George Soros for the overt purpose of sedition and subversion of the sovereignty and security of our Constitutional Republic. These organizations are the root enemy within that must be eliminated, or the swamp cannot be drained. This is the fuel and ammo supply for all enemy operations within the United States today.
  3. The people must file civil suits against their mayors and governors of “sanctuary cities” for threatening the safety, sovereignty and security of their own cities and states by “aiding and abetting” known criminals and criminal activities, as well as “harboring fugitives” from justice under United States Immigration and Naturalization laws. Once again, the swamp cannot be drained while mayors and governors protect “illegal invaders” at the expense of all “legal U.S. citizens.”

Now, if we are serious about draining the swamp, we cannot look past these three key elements to draining the swamp. Without a full-scale assault on these three critical targets on day one of the Trump Administration, the enemies within will continue to operate with impunity to subvert any and all otherwise meaningless efforts to drain the swamp.

While the list of high priority “things to do” is nearly endless, a hundred years into the destruction of our country from within, none of the items on that list are of higher priority than the three items above. Attention to the little things will be fruitless so long as these three elements are allowed to exist.

If we are serious about draining the swamp, we will have to hit these three targets first and hit them hard, with no mercy. If we fail to do so, we will fail to drain the swamp.

We will know how serious Trump and Congress are by their willingness to address these three top priorities. If they turn a blind eye to the three targets above, they will only create the impression of draining the swamp while allowing the swamp to remain full of snakes and gators.

The people must demand that these three items be immediately addressed. The likelihood that both Trump and Congress will turn a blind eye to these matters is high. The people will have to make it happen and they proved in the 2016 elections that they hold that power!

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