VIDEO: California is Ground Zero for Anti-Trumpers

California, it seems, is becoming the home state for those who want to resist Donald Trump and his administration.

Political leaders in the state are actually gearing and preparing to kick off a massive progressive-minded rebellion against the president-elect. And their hope is their example will resonate to other states, and motivate similar anti-Trump movements on a wider scale.

As the Hill noted: California is where the big Silicon Valley and Hollywood players nest.

Big money, meet big egos, meet big political power-houses.

From the news outlet:

“A powerful group of Democratic politicians call California home, including both of the state’s senators, liberal legend Gov. Jerry Brown and the nation’s first and only female Speaker, Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

“California is also home to a growing Latino population, which means it will be ground zero for Trump’s immigration agenda. About 40 percent of the state’s population is Hispanic.

“‘California can and will continue to lead on policy,” said Alex Padilla, California’s secretary of state.

“He said his state is ready to oppose Trump on federal policies that would hurt California, and on nominees such as Sen. Jeff Sessions, the Alabama Republican and immigration hard-liner nominated to lead the Department of Justice.”

Rep. Xavier Becerra, meanwhile, who is about to assume the state attorney general’s office, is going to lead up California’s fight against Trump’s vowed illegal immigration crackdown.

Rep. Xavier Becerra is planning to lead up a legal charge as California's incoming attorney general to fight off Donald Trump's immigration crack-downs.

Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-CA)

Rep. Xavier Becerra is planning to lead up a legal charge as California’s incoming attorney general to fight off Donald Trump’s immigration crack-downs.

His words, from the Hill:

“‘My sense is we’re not going to stop being California,’ Becerra told The Hill. ‘We’ve got a very progressive group of leaders from Governor Brown, to our state legislative leaders [State Assembly Speaker] Anthony Rendon, to [State Senate President] Kevin de Leon.’”

Meanwhile, mayors around the state have pledged to fight Trump’s immigration policies, as well.

Expect the left to use the legal system to fight Trump policy.

“We’re gonna move, so long as we do things according to the U.S. and California constitutions, we’re gonna move,” Becerra said, in the Hill. “I think what makes it an interesting or changing dynamic is if someone tries to stop us from doing what we’re by law allowed to do.”

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