Pronouns Matter, Misgendering and Gender Fluid are ‘Foolishness’

In The Blaze column “‘My pronouns are…’: College library workers wear buttons announcing preferred gender pronouns” Dave Urbanski reports:

A sign posted at University of Kansas Libraries spells it out.

“Because gender is, itself, fluid and up to the individual,” the sign says, according to the Lawrence Journal-World. “Each person has the right to identify their own pronouns, and we encourage you to ask before assuming someone’s gender. Pronouns matter! Misgendering someone can have lasting consequences, and using the incorrect pronoun can be hurtful, disrespectful, and invalidate someone’s identity.”

Now some library employees are wearing buttons that announce their preferred gender pronouns, the Journal-World reported.

The “My pronouns are” buttons come in three versions: “He him his,” “She her hers” and “They them theirs” — the latter for those who don’t identify as male or female, the paper said.

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What is most queer is the University of Kansas statement that “gender is, itself, fluid and up to the individual.”

Upon reading this article Brit Hume from Fox News posted the below tweet:


The definition of foolishness is “lack of good sense or judgment; stupidity.” This is what the University of Kansas is teaching our youth, to lack good sense and be stupid.

But the University of Kansas has foolish champions in the field of sociology, one of them being Dr. Zuleyka Zevallos. Dr. Zevallos is an applied sociologist and is the publisher of the Other Sociologist blog. Zevallos explains the difference between sex, gender and sexuality using the below infographic:


Dr Zuleyka Zevallos

Dr. Zuleyka Zevallos

Note the foolishness in the Zevallos infographic. Let’s take each statement and analyse it:

  1. Sex are “biological traits that society associates with being male or female.” Truth: sex is determined by science, DNA and the laws of nature, not society.
  2. Gender is “cultural meaning attached to being masculine & feminine, which influence personal identities.” True in part. Culture and society is based upon science, DNA and the laws of nature, which by definition, associates gender with a person’s sex at birth. What is wrong is Zevallos listing “transgender, intersex, gender queer, among others” in the Gender category. The only two words that belong under Gender are man and woman.
  3. Finally, Zevallos get it right when she defines sexuality as a choice a “sexual attraction” and “practices which may  or may not align with sex and gender.” Sodomy is a choice. Sodomy in mutable. One’s sex and gender are immutable.

To believe that one can choose one’s gender is indeed foolish and believing that gender is fluid can be dangerous for the individual, a culture and society in general.

Biology, science and genetics, and therefore society/culture, are all in agreement that a male is in fact a male and a female is in fact a female. Changing one’s appearance does not change one’s sex. Believing one is something he or she is not is the definition of foolishness.

To believe otherwise is foolishness.


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  1. Anonymous ForAReason
    Anonymous ForAReason says:

    The non-binary, gender-fluid movement is just a ruse. What it really boils down to is anti-male propaganda. What it’s doing is feminizing men. It’s a red-herring. Non-binary is really just anti-male, just like how diversity is typically anti-white and anti-God (underneath the surface). It’s the same liberal tactic———-just on another front.

    Take a good look at Sweden, for example. The whole thing about breaking down genders is meant to knock boys down while disproportionately propping up girls more. It’s an elaborate, anti-male movement disguised as a gender-fluid one.

    In the end, it really is just about the flawed notion that humans must act on their sexual impulses without consequence, as well as misguided, wishy-washy parents projecting their confusion about gender onto their kids.

    Some may not be the worst parents in the world, but they’re not doing their kids any favors by eviscerating what it really means to be a human. What are we going to start questioning next?———-that we might not have even been born on earth because we decide we want to (feel) alien?!——-And while we’re at it, why don’t we just change the universal laws of gravity to suit our feelings too?

    I mean really——-to what end will such human degradation have to go, before enough people put their hands up and say enough is enough!——-This gender-deprecation agenda, is offending, me!

    Such an absurd and illogical attack on humanity is just one of the many ways in which this Satanically-influenced society is slapping God in the face, with it’s figurative nose up in the air———-the general mentality of it now being: “Anything goes…” and “Oh, I can do whatever I please, without a care in the world as to how it may negatively impact others around me.”

    The fact of the matter is, that most intelligent people who’ve been to the location itself, including many scholars and archeologists, have clearly recognized based on the evidence discovered at the original site, that the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was a true event in the history of our world. And as we know from examining the ancient manuscripts, both these cities were destroyed because of their blatant disregard for a moral way of life and the perverted, animalistic practices the people in those cities were indulging in. That is why the God of the Universe destroyed those cities because, as the historical account recalls, they were committing “unnatural acts” and doing what God told Abraham was “detestable” in His eyes.

    Since that time in history, archeologists have discovered massive quantities of sulphur within the ancient regions of Sodom and Gomorrah dating back to the exact period in which their destruction took place.

    Minus the pervasive manipulations and perversions of our “modern” society by the anti-God agenda so prevalent now, it is without question among most sensible people today, that (Male) and (Female) is how our society began. It is a physiological certainty that cannot be erased from our history, no matter how hard some may try because of their own self-deprecating projections.

    By examining life itself and it’s many symbiotic connections obviously present throughout the history of our earth, we can see clear evidence that our existence was not brought about by mere chance from unintelligible, mutative forces, through aeons of evolutionary progression———-but instead, is actually the product of immense power and intelligence. From the many examples of fractal-geometric formations we see in nature to the precise movements of the planets that make up our solar system alone———-there exists a Wisdom we can’t even begin to fully understand, much less take notice of, without truly recognizing our humble place in our galaxy.

    How really brazen it is that we would even consider denying the existence of an intelligent, higher power whom knows whats best for us. We didn’t create the Universe or earth we live in——-yet we have the audacity to presume that we know better and that’s its okay with the Universal Sovereign that we unleash such biologically-derogatory conduct onto another human being?!

    Just like a parent whom sets rules for their children because such discipline teaches the child valuable lessons, so too, is it logical that a loving, higher power would have the right to set rules for us to adhere to———-But yet, that concept——-is somehow unreasonable for us to accept?!


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