Who is Checking the Fact Checkers?

Ever since private emails from the Clinton campaign and Democratic Party exposed massive crime and corruption inside those organizations during the 2016 election, so-called “fake news” has become a hot topic with propaganda networks and social media outlets promising to police and censor what they deem to be “fake news” in the future.

To accomplish this, they intend to use “fact checkers” to identify “fake news” and remove it from public view, in a system Goebbels would be very proud to call his own.

But who is checking the so-called “fact checkers?”


Snopes is the brainchild of husband and wife team Barbara and David P. Mikkelson, launched in 1995 at the pinnacle of the “MoveOn” from the Bill Clinton impeachment era. As reported by DailyHeadlines – “Snopes main fact checker is Kim Lacapria, who was formerly with Inquisitr, a site known for publishing fake quotes and hoaxes.  Lacapria was a huge disaster as a writer with many of her stories getting just 10 to 20 shares.  She is a vitriolic far left wing blogger.  While at Inquisitr she described herself as an openly left leaning liberal.”

David P. Mikkelson was accused of embezzlement in a divorce proceeding and arrested on charges of fraud and corruption. Mikkelson’s wife is reportedly a “non-voting Canadian.”

Yet, Snopes has been quoted as a reliable “fact checker” even recently, including by a few ill-advised or downright corrupt Federal Judges. For anyone to rely on such an overtly unreliable operation is either gross ignorance or an intentional misinformation op.


FactCheck.org is a creation of Annenberg Project, which of course, begs the question — who and what is Annenberg Project?

For starters, Annenberg Project is Barack Hussein Obama’s first community organizing employer in Chicago, as exposed by Thomas Lifson at American Thinker in 2008. Obama was a star student under the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, working in concert with lifelong cohorts William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn of Weather Underground fame.

On a broader view, Annenberg is a well-funded national community organizing operation highly active on college campuses. FactCheck.org is a subsidiary of Annenberg, designed to help control the public dialogue on behalf of Annenberg community organizing interests by simply labeling any information not favorable to their community organizing efforts as “fake” or “false.” Again, Goebbels would be proud.

A glimpse into the quality of fact checking by Annenberg is seen in their fact checking opinion of Snopes, which is almost comical. Essentially, these orgs are part of a closed-circuit left-leaning community organizing info-op that grant each other credentials based on utter nonsense. That’s the same system they use to check facts.

EXAMPLE: Snopes continues to promote the claim that “Russia hacked the 2016 elections” despite open disclaimers by the same Intel Agencies on that matter. Lead Snopes “fact checker” Brooke Binkowski is a San Diego backpack reporter who has spent most of her ink time on the subject of border security and illegal migration, writing for the Voice of San Diego.

Of course, the cyber-intercept of damning unsecured emails on the Clinton and DNC servers – leaked to the public by Wikileaks ahead of the election, now inappropriately referred to as “hacking the election,” isn’t actually “hacking” in traditional terms. But if you read Snopes and FactCheck data on the matter, you will see the hair-splitting mind-numbing journalistic gymnastics they go through to perpetuate the “fake story” against Russia, as the real story, crime and corruption in the DNC, remains off-topic and irrelevant according to these “fact checkers.”

Someone lies, then someone confirms the lie as “fact-checked” and true, and then someone confirms the credentials of their fellow fact checker. The cycle is complete and the lie stands as fact.

This circus has escalated in the “Russian hacking case” to Chairman of the Senate Arms Services Committee, John McCain, placing the United States on a war footing by accusing Russia of committing an “act of war” for allegedly exposing political corruption to American voters in a fashion that once made Woodward and Bernstein famous. Fortunately, not all Senators are as nuts as McCain and Graham.

So, who is checking the fact checkers? Who can be trusted as the gatekeeper of truth and justice in America? Snopes? FactCheck? Annenberg? The DNC? The RNC? ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNBC, PBS, NPR… anyone?


The only person you can rely on to check your facts is YOU! Of course, even YOU are not reliable if your facts are driven by an agenda, or if you are unwilling to do your homework. In a self-governed nation created of, by and for the people, only the people themselves are qualified to decide what is or isn’t true. To rely on anyone else is to become a willing victim of mass disinformation.

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  1. Ree
    Ree says:

    I have been asking myself the same thing.

    It’s very hard to know what’s real anymore. Unless I personally witness something, I take most stories with a grain of salt.


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