I haven’t seen the Democrats so angry since the Republicans took away their slaves

The title of this column came from a blog post sent to us by a reader. After reading it I realized that Democrats understand that President-elect Trump, Vice President-elect Pence, and the Republican majority in Congress for the second time in history will actually take away those who are slaves to Washington, D.C. Trump’s “Drain the Swamp” slogan embodies everything career politicians, Democrat and Republican alike, fear most.

They foresee their loss of power over the people weakened if not totally reversed once the PEOTUS is inaugurated on January 20th.

Democrats, and some Republicans, are so very, very angry. In an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press Congressman John Lewis (D-NY) stated, “I Don’t See Trump as a Legitimate President.”

President-elect Trump responded to Representative Lewis with this series of PEOTUS Tweets:

trump john lewis tweets

Perhaps these two maps will indicate, to Democrats and Republicans alike, the legitimacy of the election of a President Trump:


clinton archipelago

The Democratic Party has fundamentally changed under President Obama. The Democratic Party and Democrats, like good soldiers, followed him and his policies for eight years. By doing so they have paid the price over the last three election cycles. As I have written in my column “Rise of the Obamacrats“:

President Obama in his Chicago speech has given the Alt-Left free reign to do what it pleases unfettered by the U.S. Constitution and the rule-of-law. The Alt-Left, lead by Obama, is not beholding to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Rather the Alt-Left (the Obamacrat Party) can now do whatever it takes to overthrow our Constitutional Republic. For you see the ends justify the means.

It appears that citizen Obama will not go quietly into the night as have other presidents. President Eisenhower warned Americans about the military industrial complex. President Obama is warning Americans about the Obama political complex.

It is now official. The Democratic Party is now the Obamacrat Party – the party of Marx, Mao and Mohammed.

As Obamacrats plan to disrupt the the inauguration of President Trump on January 20th the nation and the American people will see just how angry the Alt-Left really is. Their hate, driven by a consuming fear of losing power, will escalate until they peter out in one last gasp of political suicide.

dementia dem logo

When your opponents are committing suicide, don’t interfere.



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  1. bob
    bob says:

    Just a suggestion, when referring to the donkey party in text format you might want to spell it this way and use this any time you use a derivative of said name:

    democRAT, obamacRAT, etc.

    Help them re-brand their name in a closer to the truth way.

  2. Michelle Innes
    Michelle Innes says:

    How this Congressmen John Lewis doesn’t have a clue, the rallys held all excitement, President Elect Donald J. Trump made common sense, me and my freinds where yelling at hillary rodham clinton on the television set and talking on the phone and praying, we went to rallys we worked hard us, “We The People” to defeat hillary rodham clinton in fact, many countries globally like Canada involved them self’s, hillary has no one to blame but herself. The American People wanted Change, I would be ashamed to be a democrat, never saw a political party such sore losers. I know that the groups of friends and her comment about Abraham Lincoln, cnn polls that weren’t making sense as her facebook page was full of foreigners we snagged all we could over to our President Elect side, we loved the rallys and the media the more hateful towards our President Elect Donald J. Trump the harder we fought, We The People were starting to be divided as families but we find they never left our side, I sell insurance and loved his idea’s. We may not all hold degrees but for certain all the American Women I know believed and hoped and knew that our President Elect wasn’t Falling for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s message, We Want a Strong Nation a Strong Leader and not to played for race, as we All Love each other, our 2nd Amendment we didn’t believe you punish America for our Value’s. Why would we vote for hillary clinton who called the American People as deplorable our vote a criminal, I know before the vote we listened to obama’s statement telling our New President that no hacking he cut down our President Donald J. Trump we figured out that if something they said wasn’t supposed to be critized, but if it was our President Donald J. Trump everyone came out against him, the American People on our side worked as hard as President Trump, hillary didn’t earn the American People’s vote, our President Donald J. Trump is as Great Businessman and we All like that, the more the dems whine, the more We The People say you want some cheese with that wine. The Election has been over with, waa waa Congressman substance not run a race on the hatred for OUR President Elect Donald J. Trump, obama forgot the silent majority.


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