Ending the Politics of Division

They call it diversity, but what they really celebrate is racial divisions. The war tactic of divide and conquer is as old as war itself. It continues to be a primary tool of all who hate freedom, liberty, real diversity and equality, simply because it works… It is one of the most powerful political tools in the leftist arsenal.

When it comes to “racial hate groups” in America, none is better known than the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). A white supremacist organization whose entire agenda is based on advancing the interests of all “whites” in America, based solely on “race” and nothing else.

The KKK has been around since the late 1800s, with an on-again off-again rise and fall history that saw its peak in the 1920s with an estimated 5-6 million members. The current KKK was re-established in the 1940s and today, boasts only 5-8 thousand members nationwide. We very rarely see any headlines in the country related to any KKK activities, violence towards other ethnicities or even public rallies. It is an idea whose time has long passed in the most culturally diverse nation on earth.

But just as the politics of division still use Nazi or Hitler references to invoke hatred and division between anti-American and pro-American elements in the USA, references to the KKK persists for the same reason. It’s a method of stamping an ugly well-known label on political opponents to silence their political views and render them as nothing more than politically incorrect haters.

Meanwhile, one of the most racist hate groups in America operates in the open with total immunity from public or legal scrutiny.

The Congressional Black Caucus

There is nothing shocking, illegal, unethical or unconstitutional about Democrats caucusing with other Democrats, or Republicans caucusing with other Republicans in Congress. But can you even imagine an attempt to establish a Congressional White Caucus that would caucus exclusively with white members of congress only and focus upon matters of interest only to white’s, to the overt exclusion of all blacks?

If there were a Congressional White Caucus, the press would publish pictures of that group that look like this…


But press images of the “Black Caucus” look like this…

black caucus

The only difference between the two groups above is – one is demonized by the media, while the other is glorified by the media. Both are dangerous “race based hate groups!”

Racial divisions are not a natural element of a free people in the most racially diverse nation on earth. Social divisions based upon race or ethnicity alone are unnatural and thus, they must be manufactured, indoctrinated, seeded and perpetuated in the social psyche to exist. They must be groomed and passed from generation to generation to exist in perpetuity. Without these conscious efforts, such divisions would not exist at all.

So, why is a Congressional White Caucus “racist” but a Congressional Black Caucus isn’t?

It follows the flawed thinking that racism is a one-way street. That it is only possible for white’s to be racist against blacks. It is not possible for blacks to be racist against white’s. Black Lives Matter… but no other lives do.

In reality – what the KKK is to the exclusively white agenda, the Black Panthers, Black Nationalists, Black Lives Matter and Black Caucus is to the exclusively black agenda. They are two sides of the same coin, both based upon racial division – both perpetuating and promoting hatred towards the opposite race, for political gain.

All races and ethnicities lose as political agendas drive racial divisions from all sides. The only difference between the white KKK and these black organizations is the color of their skin. Both have neo-Nazi behavior patterns, both seek to harm the other – and both are willing to use any method available, including acts of intimidation, terrorism and violence, to achieve division between the races.

They are able to exist only so long as both sides perpetuate the hate. Both exist because someone wants them to exist. Someone needs them to exist… That someone is politicians!

The Political Power of Racial Divide

Political power in any democratic society rests in the ability to control entire voting blocs of people.

Political power is gained via the voting booth. The ability to control what happens in the voting booth is vital to political power. Huge sums of money are raised via racial divisions, by groups like The Black Caucus Foundation. That money is used to perpetuate racial divisions in America, all for the purpose of promoting racial tensions and controlling racial voting blocs in America.

Facts are seldom part of the equation… it does not matter that it was Republican Abraham Lincoln who freed the slaves with his signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. It does not matter that it was Republicans in congress that supported and passed the Civil Rights Acts, as many congressional Democrats stood opposed. Democrats controlled both chambers of Congress at the time, as 80% of Republicans voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and 40% of Democrats voted against it.

It does not matter that black slavery ended in America centuries ago, or that Civil Rights for all passed Congress over fifty-years ago, thanks to Republicans, or that it was largely Democrats who owned slaves in this country to begin with…

The ongoing rhetoric designed to separate Americans down racial lines continues and may even be worse today than in 1964 when the Civil Rights Act passed.

In 2008, Barack Hussein Obama was not elected President of the United States because he had a résumé full of past leadership experience, had success of any kind in his history, or because he was in any way uniquely qualified for the most powerful political office in our land. His campaign and the election was based upon “making history” by electing a person based solely on his presumed race. An act that will likely be recorded in history as not only an enormous error on the part of American voters, but the most racist event since the days of Jim Crow.

Just this week in D.C., The Congressional Black Caucus has gone after President-elect Donald Trump on alleged “racial” grounds, which have no foundation at all in Trump’s history. They testified against Trump nominees in Senate confirmation hearings with false accusations of “racist” tendencies, which are easily debunked by the public record of those nominees.

Meanwhile, the Black Caucus insisted on hanging an anti-law enforcement painting on congressional walls, three times, until Congress was forced to remove the painting for good. The Black Caucus threatened violence in response.

cop as pig painting

The Congressional Black Caucus does not work to “end racism” in Americait works to promote racism in America. It also works to promote hate towards the Rule of Law and Law Enforcement, as well as divisions between the “haves and have-nots,” between the sexes, between homosexuals and heterosexuals, between Democrats and Republicans, between Christians and Muslims, Jews and atheists – and between those who believe in a fundamental Right to Life and those who believe in a constitutionally protected right to kill.

In sum, The Congressional Black Caucus is a divisive “hate group” no different, no better than the KKK. It should not be allowed to exist. If there was a Congressional White Caucus, it would no doubt appear on the Sothern Poverty Law Center list of dangerous racial hate groups – So should the Congressional Black Caucus appear on that list!

So long as this “black caucus” and their fellow orgs exist, they will continue to create racial divides in this country, for their own political power, at the expense of every race and ethnic group in America. A racism free government will not have either a white or black caucus…

It is time to shut down the (private) Ku Klux Klan and the (government) Congressional Black Caucus. Unless and until both are a thing of the past, racial divisions and tensions will remain a horribly destructive part of our future.

When we are no longer a country with a racist agenda, public policy, elections or governmental bodies based solely on race, we will be country free from racism and not a moment before! As long as these “race based groups” exist, racism will exist, as will great political divisions.



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