Exposed: Alt-Left Groups Plotting to Detonate ‘Acid Bombs’ at Trump Inauguration

For the past several weeks, our undercover teams have been going deep undercover to get in with the radical, alt-left groups that are planning to disrupt the Presidential Inauguration this week.

We’re used to dealing with devious people doing devious things, but this time, it was frightening for everyone involved.

These people looked and talked like the radical “Weather Underground” terrorists from the 70’s that bombed the Pentagon and NYPD headquarters.

Today, we’re releasing a video of two men, Luke Kuhn and Collin Dunn, plotting to disrupt balls at the inauguration including the “Deploraball” organized by online activists.

They’re primary plan was to release “butyric acid” bombs and set off sprinkler alarms.

Watch the video below:

These are no pranks. Other progressive activists use the same tactics to shut down Japanese whaling ships and close buildings.

Combined with this haunting statement, we all need to be prepared:

“The next four years, we are going to fight Trump and everything he stands for with no quarter asked, no quarter given. No mercy of any kind.”

While we were investigating these groups, something else very disturbing happened that we touch on in the above video . . . listen for the line “Bob Creamer sends his regards.”

We’ll be addressing that in other videos this week as well.

While we have already shared this and other footage with law enforcement authorities, I need your help to share it with everyone else and get the word out.

Post this video on Facebook and tweet a link to it on twitter. Everyone needs to see what’s happening here.

Expect another message from me later today with further action.


A few hours ago, we released a video showing radical, alt-left anti-fascists plotting to disrupt inauguration events by using butyric acid bombs and other tactics.

The news spread like wildfire thanks to your help.

The Drudge Report posted the video immediately and articles went up everywhere from the Washington Times to Sean Hannity’s site.

In response, the group, DisruptJ20, released a statement saying — and this isn’t a joke — they met with a Project Veritas investigator to give “him false information about what they felt was the most humorous red herring available: a false plot to use stink bombs at an event called the Deploraball.”

The group even admitted that they had already purchased tickets to the Deploraball.

It’s rare that you run into people that are simply flat out liars, but the organizers of DisruptJ20 fall into that category and laughably so.

Their plot is stopped and now they’re facing criminal scrutiny — as they should be.

They’re on the run, and I say we keep them on the run by calling in some ground support.

My team and I are packing up for D.C. right now.

We’ll be traveling with a dossier of all of the leaders and activists that we filmed during our sting on DisruptJ20 . . . and we’ll be handing out copies to other patriots in D.C.

The more people we have assisting law enforcement by observing and reporting, the better.

And I need your voice to amplify our call and to let them know, “we’re watching.”

Click here and send this tweet to DisruptJ20:

@Disruptj20 your plot is blown to disrupt @realDonaldTrump’s inauguration. Don’t do anything stupid, @Project_Veritas is watching #Veritas

Thanks again for all that you do, and watch for our next video tomorrow.

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  1. Robert
    Robert says:

    In case folks don’t know, Butyric acid is one of the smelliest substances known, first isolated in fementing silage (cattle feed). Those beasts need to be caught and (really) flogged with a cat-o-nine-tails. Sounds brutal, and it is, but its the only thing trogs will understand.


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