The Angry American

From time to time we all read a piece that we unanimously agree is brilliant.  The article entitled “The Angry Man,” by John Krawczyk, published at The American Thinker, on October 28, 2016, is just such a piece. As a writer who believes in his own abilities – meager though they may be – I find myself thinking: Wow! I wish I had written that! – as I marvel at the common sense and insightfulness of the author. Not wishing to take away from his wisdom, I’d like to offer a few additional thoughts of my own.

The first of these – and I’m sure that Mr. Krawczyk would not disagree with my intent – is to point out that the article might well have been entitled “The Angry American” (the title of this article) – which would, of course, include both men and women. Perhaps knowing from the outset how he would (quite masterfully) conclude his piece, he chose to do otherwise. The fact remains, however, that the views and feelings expressed by the author were and are clearly shared by tens of millions of women, as well as men, across this great land.

The purposefully-skewed national polling throughout the campaign – designed to reflect a carefully-crafted and pre-determined narrative – falsely, I believe, indicated that college-educated women did not favor Donald Trump – only those who did not attend college. Now while the Left has clearly succeeded in destroying any semblance of free thought on college campuses nationwide, we can at least hope that they haven’t entirely succeeded in eradicating the native intelligence of the co-eds who now outnumber their male counterparts by close to 40% (37% roughly – 11 million to just over 8 million).

While the number of men who supported Donald Trump simply could not be suppressed, the deliberately-designed message with respect to the females who had boarded the Trump Train was that they were “uneducated” – i.e., unintelligent (and probably barefoot and pregnant as well!). Clearly – according to the National Press – no “educated” woman could or would support, or vote for, such a man; but many did, and still do, fully support him…which brings me to my next point.

As documented in my just-released book on the election, the voter fraud – about which our new champion had clearly warned us – was indeed rampant, even massive. While they did not succeed in silencing the voices of the majority of Americans who legally cast their vote for Mr. Trump, they, the Democrats and their fully-owned subsidiary, the National Media, were able to deceitfully create the illusion that he did not win the popular vote – thus bolstering their claim that his victory was and is “not legitimate” as was just officially pronounced by the “conscience” of House Democrats, John Lewis, and in no way represents any kind of mandate. Both points are patently false, however.

The Trump victory – a victory for the American People – is one of the three most pivotal in our nation’s history. The first of those was that of the little-known backwoods lawyer from Springfield, Illinois, Abraham Lincoln; the second, that of the folksy movie star and former California governor, Ronald Wilson Reagan; and the third – and perhaps the most significant of all – was that of the un-PC populist, and brash billionaire, Donald John Trump.

When asked how he would compare the feeling he had when he awoke on November 9th, the day after the Trump election, with how he felt on the morning following the Reagan victory, Rush Limbaugh in effect said, “There was no comparison!” – that the Trump victory was far more significant in terms of what was at stake; i.e., how far we had (have) fallen as a nation in the intervening years, and particularly in these past eight.

There is no question that Rush was right in his assessment. Had Hillary Clinton – the most corrupt candidate to ever secure the nomination of a major U.S. political party – won, it would surely have meant the death of the country as we have known it, and the completion of Barack Obama’s now-fully-repudiated “fundamental transformation of the United States of America.”

So, we dodged a bullet. No, actually we dodged a strategically-aimed nuclear warhead, designed to bring down the one final impediment to the ushering in of the Left’s long-awaited
“workers’ paradise” – a dictatorial and oppressive one-world oligarchy, led by them, the “enlightened” among us; but God gave us a champion in Donald Trump, and we, the American People, rallied behind him, thus staving off our imminent destruction…for now, at least – which brings me to one of my final points.

Yes, no matter how much it may offend the erudite sensibilities of the anti-religious Left to hear it, God has given us this victory; and we, the American People, have embraced it. We now have two primary enemies as we move forward. The first of these is our own arrogance or pride. While the President-Elect has promised to restore our greatness – with a focus on our safety and our prosperity – it is the abandonment of our moral and spiritual values which have directly led to our near-cataclysmic demise.

The irony in the pronouncement of the Left’s false messiah, Barack Obama, that we were “no longer a Christian nation,” is that he correctly identified, and underscored, our true spiritual foundation – what we once were. (His additional assertion that Muslims had played a key role in our founding, of course, went unsubstantiated; and, I might add, no one that I know is aware of any such contribution.) If we do not, however, defend and uphold our founding religious and spiritual values, we will incur the wrath of a just God; and those values include the sanctity of the marriage covenant and relationship, which have existed throughout the world, without challenge, from the beginning of recorded history…until now, that is; and the protection of the lives of the most innocent and defenseless among us – the unborn.

Indeed, the Preamble itself presciently (nay, prophetically) declares: “we do ordain and establish this Constitution [and, of course, all of its rights and protections] to ourselves and our posterity” – by definition, to those yet unborn. If, for the sake of presumed (not actual) “political expediency” – in order to appease the enemies of all that we hold dear (those whom we soundly defeated nationwide in this past election) – we do not return to, and fight for, these foundational values (decidedly spiritual, and not merely “social” as they have been dismissively designated), any prosperity which we might achieve as a nation will be short-lived…which brings me to my final point.

As just stated, the People of this nation rose up from sea to shining sea – actually, everywhere in between, for the most part (at least 83% of counties nationwide voted for Donald Trump) – and rejected the politically-correct and Biblically-bereft values of the Left that have dominated our lives for the past eight years.

The mantra of those whose ideas we have just rejected (as has always been the case in the past) is once again that we must “reach across the aisle” – in stark contrast to what they have done at the Executive level, at least, throughout the past eight years (via unabated, un-constitutional Executive Orders, right up to the end), and have always done when holding sway in either the Legislative  and/or Executive Branches – and we must not fall prey to this lie!

The vast majority of Americans – as evidenced by the legislative and gubernatorial victories of Republicans nationwide, in addition to the defeat of the decidedly un-Democratic Party in Washington, D.C. – have rejected the tenets of the Left, and those whom we have elected should govern according to our wishes.  That is what we hired – and will pay them to do! Yes, they represent all Americans, but to pretend that they should govern according to the wishes of those who voted against them is both absurd and irrational. It is, of course, what the defeated now demand that they do…but they must not!

I will conclude with this:  If this election represents anything, it is the rejection of the national news media by the American public.  They openly and shamelessly promoted (in a coordinated effort, as revealed and documented by Julian Assange and Wikileaks)  – and continue to do so long after the election (up to the time of this writing) – the Clinton Campaign and its multi-billion dollar money-laundering Foundation.  The direct complicity between the once-vaunted “Fourth Branch” of government and the Democratic Party is the very definition of corruption…and it was, and still is, on open display to all who have “ears to hear, and eyes to see.”

While campaigning relentlessly to overturn the result of the election by fully supporting the conspiracy theory (which they love to accuse all who oppose them of) that Vladimir Putin “hacked” and thereby determined the outcome of the election – while fully ignoring the actual diabolical revelations contained in the leaked emails themselves (very likely from murdered Democratic operative Seth Rich, but also from others within our own government according to Julian Assange and others) – the national media is not acting out of mere bias. They are visibly acting at the behest of the Ruling Class, in direct opposition to the will of the American People.

The bottom line on how we should all respond is this: We must fully grasp that the Establishment Press has in this election (for any who had not already seen it) been fully discredited. They will not, however, go away.  Foes of freedom, such as George Soros, have deep pockets, and their patently anti-American views are not going to suddenly change – no matter the words or other props they will use to cleverly and cunningly dress them up – just as both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s mentor, Saul Alinsky, instructed. (Van Jones, a self-proclaimed communist and first Obama “Green Czar”-turned-CNN-“commentator,” is the same unrepentant radical, no matter the cut of his suit or the glint of his silk tie.)

Since the true identity of the Socialist/Democratic Party is clear to most freedom-loving Americans, we must not concern ourselves with what they think, say, or do.  The only way they will cease their fanatical quest to destroy our new President (and the positions and values on which he campaigned), is if he (or we) acquiesce, and give up on the very things that he (and we) just won by defending.  That is it.  They will continue to decry every action he takes to deliver on what he promised, and the Establishment Press will continue to lead the charge – although they will find that he will not suffer fools lightly! (As a telling sidelight, Google seems to have also gotten in on the act of discrediting the President-Elect, as it was not until the fourth page of search results that I found a favorable review of his just-cited first Press Conference since the election.)

It is likely that he will continue to bypass the press via social media, by speaking directly to the American People.  I believe that will be the case.  Nonetheless, the Obsolete Establishment Media (the OEM, not the absurdly-designated MSM) will continue its relentless attacks. They, however, are the minority.  They do not speak for the People of this country.  They haven’t for most – if not all – of our lifetimes, and that will not change (although Fox News seems to have learned its lesson of late – replacing self-appointed-Trump-nemesis Megan Kelly with rising-star Tucker Carlson).  We should not read or watch them, or worse, pay for – and thereby support – any of their instruments of misinformation; and we do not need to read or watch in order to know what the “other side” is doing. (They will be doing what they have always done: campaign for the Left.)

Our reliable-for-the-most-part Internet sources – Breitbart, Worldnet Daily, Drudge, Western Journalism, Canada Free Press, the &Email, Before It’s News, Family Security Matters, Zero Hedge, the American Thinker, and a host of others unnamed – along with the familiar talk-show hosts – Hannity, Savage, Gallagher, Prager, Ingram, Alex Jones, Rush for the most part, et al. (sadly, Glenn Beck, Michael Medved, Hugh Hewitt, and Mark Levine were such rabid opponents of Donald Trump that they have lost all credibility with many of us) – will continue to let us know what the discredited might have to say…but what difference does it make? (Sorry!)

We can now disseminate the truth via Social Media, and in our day-to-day conversations; and we must not let the lies of the Left deter us from doing so. That is what they and all totalitarian regimes do. They suppress both thought and speech. Only by keeping the truth from the People can their lies flourish.  Donald Trump won by daring to speak the truth – something Republicans have feared to do for generations; and we must continue to do the same; but we need to fully grasp that what we do and say on Social Media – even if a particular comment or post may not be picked up by millions or even thousands – demonstrates what the American People are thinking nationwide, and countless others pick up on and share our thoughts and our ideas.

Finally – as I like to remind anyone who might read my words – while we can’t control what anyone else says or does, we can control what we do and say; and that is all that any of us can be expected to do. If we continue to speak out, the truth will continue to be heard across this great land…and that will keep us both safe and free!

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