Marco Rubio has a hard time with Rex Tillerson — but backed Communist John Kerry

Senator Marco Rubio,

I understand you are having a difficult time trying to decide to vote yes to confirm President Trump’s pick for Secretary of State.

Such a shame that you have such a low disregard for Mr. Tillerson because he does not wish to engage Russia as our enemy but as a mutual strategic partner in trade and national security and to defeat terrorism.

John Kerry speaks at Senate Foreign Relations Committee on behalf of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War in Washington, D.C. on April 22, 1971. (AP Photo/Henry Griffin)

Perhaps you should have shown this moral clarity when you voted YES and confirmed the Communist sympathizer John Kerry as Secretary of State.

No Sir – you gave John Kerry  a pass even though this man shredded the US Constitution, engaged us in unconstitutional wars and broke US law by illegally negotiating with Communist North Vietnam while our boys came home in body bags from NAM.

My friend Colonel Bud Day Medal of Honor (RIP)  helped end John Kerry’s presidential aspirations then dipsticks like you hired him as the Secretary of State giving him 4th in line to the presidency.

I think you need to call Bud Day’s widow Doris and apologize to her on your hands and knees for your blatant disrespect for this nation and its Vietnam Veterans.

You supported John Kerry even though he disparaged and lied to Congress about our brave and honorable  Vietnam Veterans – a man who threw his medals (handed to him in under 40 days in Nam)  over the White House fence –  yet you attacked Mr. Tillerson for his support of our future ally Russia.

The New World Order – George Soros Communists hate Russia so you apparently also support this New World Order ideology – shame on you.    Perhaps George Soros is texting you to vote NO on Tillerson.

I salute all our brave and courageous Vietnam Veterans across this nation. I did not serve in Vietnam, but I say this to you all  “Welcome home my brothers”  “May God bless you always”.

As for you Senator Rubio –  go home and find your safe space in Miami. You are not strong enough to protect this nation in the U.S. Senate.

UPDATE: Rubio states he has reservations but will now vote for Mr. Tillerson –  my only question is why did Rubio have NO reservations about supporting John Kerry.

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  1. Gerri Olson
    Gerri Olson says:

    Rubio is not to be trusted. Thankful we said NO to him as our President. I’m afraid we made a mistake by voting him back in the Senate in Florida. By his voting for John Kerry he is not a Republican. Leans toward communist.


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